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Connected Distribution: Home Cinema Systems

Sometimes when you want a speedy and reliable consistent result with Home Cinema systems, it can be beneficial when someone has done a little of the hard work beforehand.

Obviously; the world of custom installation is exactly that: it is customisable. Not every project or room will be the same, and home cinema's are a case in point. Customer's always have different needs, aesthetic requirements or performance and budget 'trade-offs'.

However; that is not to say that deployment of 'pre-packaged' products or systems cannot be adapted to accomodate the variables. At Connected Distribution, part of our ongoing goal is to support you and your installations - no matter how different they be. We have spent thousands of hours talking with you on different projects, helping to specify the right products for home cinema's and multi-channel speaker systems.

As such; we have listened and learned over the years - and as a result we have honed several home cinema packages and systems from our suppliers that can give you repeatable, consistent and high quality results across many custom installation scenarios.

Be it on wall, in-wall, in-ceiling, free-standing or a mixture of all, we have high quality and flexible system solutions that help you to achieve any high quality multi-channel requirement quickly and effectively.