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The Multi-Room Company Appointed as UK Parasound Distributor

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Parasound, the highly respected electronics brand, has appointed The Multi-Room Company Ltd. as exclusive UK distributor. This new arrangement, effective immediately, will provide an enhanced service offering for its existing customers and open up opportunities for additional business across the entire range of custom installation, home cinema, hi-fi and professional audio products.

San Francisco based Parasound manufactures a comprehensive range of preamplifiers, power amps, DACs, high performance multi-channel amplifiers and multi-zone amps for custom installation use. The product range is split into three sub brands, all of which will be available via The Multi-Room Company: Halo, New Classic and Z Custom, the latter of which includes the popular half width, slim line, Zdac and Zamp.

zquattro inside

The company’s products are well regarded throughout the hi-fi and high-end home cinema sectors, receiving many glowing reviews and are much sought after by music and movie lovers across the world. A longstanding collaboration with the respected circuit designer John Curl has produced some legendary products such as the JC2BP preamplifier and JC1 mono power amplifier, both of which find favour with high-end hi-fi enthusiasts and professional recording studios. The THX certification of many of the company’s products, including the JC1, plus the A31 and A51 three and five channel power amplifiers, makes them particularly suitable for critical multi-channel studio applications and as such they are specified by many of the world’s top film production companies and post production studios.

The addition of Parasound to The Multi-Room Company’s portfolio significantly improves the options for its customers, providing new solutions within custom installation and home cinema and complementing the other products it offers. Existing Parasound customers will see a determined focus on the brand and levels of personal support, from The Multi-Room Company’s technical and sales personnel, that retailers and specifiers of such products deserve.

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Mike Bonnette, product director for The Multi-Room Company, comments, “We are very pleased to be appointed as distributors for such a prestigious brand. The benefits presented by products of the calibre of Parasound will be extremely valuable to our customers and will open up new opportunities in the variety and scale of installations they can undertake.” He continues, “With such a comprehensive range of products we are able to service the hi-fi, home cinema, custom installation, recording studio and film post production markets, providing solutions for a huge breadth of situations. We look forward to introducing our customers to these fantastic products over the coming months.”

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Russound’s XStream™ X5 and DMS3.1 streamer get Spotify®

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Russound X5 with iPhone App Spotify 2015

My Russound app updated with Spotify Connect® for X5 & DMS-3.1

Russound, innovators in whole house audio systems, distributed in the UK exclusively by The Multi-Room Company, has announced the addition of Spotify to its MyRussound app; bringing the much sought after benefits of Spotify to users of its DMS3.1 streamer and XStream X5 all in one streamer, amplifier and room controller.

To coincide with the addition of Spotify, the company has overhauled the user interface of its MyRussound app, making it much more intuitive and user-friendly and has also made the iOS and Android versions available free of charge. Enhancements to the look and feel include the provision of a slider bar volume control in place of the buttons, support for 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, Smart TV control features and press and hold functionality for source control screens.

My Russound App V2 Running Spotify on iPhone x3

Using Spotify with the DMS3.1 and XStream X5 requires the latest firmware for these devices, but once installed streaming music from the popular Spotify Premium service is simplicity itself. As Spotify Connect streams music directly from the Spotify servers, instead of from the tablet or smart phone, the music can continue to play even if the tablet/phone is disconnected from the Russound system or network.  Spotify control is also available directly from the Russound TS-3 touchscreen and MDK keypad which can be used to control content on the X5 or DMS3.1.

Russound DMS 3.1 with Streaming Services 2015

Russound’s recently introduced X5 is an Apple AirPlay equipped streamer, amplifier and room controller, in one small but powerful device that creates a decentralised Ethernet/Wi-Fi-enabled networked audio system and improved TV sound solution; bringing all the benefits of streaming services to consumers, plus the ability for installers to give customers a more cohesive and consistent user experience.

The X5 features digital inputs, digital streaming, AirPlay, digital amplification at 50 watts per channel and a high-end DAC to deliver better quality audio performance than is traditionally associated with consumer focused streaming devices. Music from a NAS drive can be streamed to the X5 and also listened to throughout the home by linking multiple X5 units. The X5 can support local Bluetooth streaming of audio content from smart phones, tablets and laptops through its optional external receiver.

X5 Rear
By connecting the digital output of a TV to the X5, sound quality from the flat panel can be dramatically improved and control of the connected TV, BD player, SKY box and other PVR has been made simple thanks to the X5’s IR learning capability for sources and compatibility with the My Russound App, making X5 a simple one box solution for all the consumer’s audio needs. XStream seamlessly connects with existing wired or wireless home networks and up to 16 X5 zones can be installed, with four rooms of audio streamed in sync at high-resolution 24bit/192kHz.

Mike Bonnette, The Multi-Room Company’s product director says, “With the addition of the very popular Spotify service, the X5 (and DMS-3.1) is now the product that our installer customers and their customers have been waiting for. Superb audio quality and the ability to listen to internet radio, networked music collections and to get better sound from TVs, while controlling the operation of the TV, Blu-ray and Sky box from the app have always been very desirable functions. But now, Spotify takes it up a gear and we are very excited to be able to bring this complete one-box audio solution to the UK – we know it’s going to be really popular.”

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Shaking the foundations with Earthquake subwoofers from The Multi-Room Company

Earthquake Sound

Distributor of home entertainment and custom installation solutions, The Multi-Room Company, is pleased to announce the addition of the Earthquake brand of subwoofers to its portfolio of products; satisfying customer requirements for a compact but high performance subwoofer for home cinema installations.

Earthquake Supernova Series

Earthquake, founded over 27 years ago, produces a variety of high quality audio products that have impressed audiophiles across the world, winning many prestigious awards for sound quality, performance, value and features. Granted numerous design patents by the United States Patent Office, many of Earthquake’s designs have revolutionised the audio industry.

MiniMe Collage

Engineered by audiophiles for audiophiles, Earthquake subwoofers are meticulously crafted to reproduce the low frequencies with absolute precision, power and authority. Used in serious systems, the compact but powerful subwoofers are designed to bring the home cinema experience to life without intruding on the environment.

After considered auditioning and evaluation, The Multi-Room Company has chosen a number of models from Earthquake’s extensive range as the core offerings for its customers. From the diminutive, but high performance FF6.5 front-firing 150 watt sub, to the 600 watt MiniMe P12 with its 12” powered driver and 12” S.L.A.P.S. passive radiator, the range provides the custom installer with a solution for any installation.

FF-6.5 Collage

Mike Bonnette, product director for The Multi-Room Company, says, “Our customers have been asking us for a compact but high powerful subwoofer solution that does more than just shakes the floor. We evaluated a number of options and the decision to work with Earthquake was unanimous – the output of these remarkably small subwoofers has to be heard to be believed.” He continues, “We are convinced that our customers and their customers will see, hear and feel the huge improvements that adding an Earthquake sub to their systems will make.”

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Ready made Dolby Atmos solutions from The Multi-Room Company


The Multi-Room Company, distributor of products from Atlantic Technology, Yamaha and Earthquake Sound has created a number of dedicated Dolby Atmos packages, to bring the full Atmos experience to end users, whatever the size and scale of the installation required.

With speakers from THX Certified home cinema specialists Atlantic Technology, subwoofers from Earthquake and Atmos electronics from Yamaha, the three packages created by the product specialists at The Multi-Room Company cater for differing customer requirements.

MRC Atmos Package 1 rs

The flagship 7.2.4 package is centred on the top of the range Yamaha RXA3040 AV amplifier, its MX-A5000 11 channel power amplifier and the BDA1040 Blu-ray player. Front left, right and centre channel speaker duties are performed by the THX Ultra 2 Atlantic Technology IWTS-30 loudspeakers, which features a rotatable mid/tweeter unit to maintain correct dispersion regardless of horizontal or vertical positioning. Four IWTS-30 SR speakers, also THX Ultra, are used for the surround and rear channels and four in-ceiling IC8.3 Tri-mode™ 8” speakers make up the .4 requirements of Dolby Atmos. Considerable low frequency energy is provided by two Earthquake Mini Me P12 subwoofers, each boasting a 12” powered driver, 12” passive radiator, 600 watts of digital amplification and a low frequency response down to 18Hz. This package is available for a retail price of under £16,000.

MRC Atmos Package 2 rs

The second package provides a cost effective 7.1.2 custom installation solution using the Yamaha RXA2040 Dolby Atmos AV amplifier and BDS677 Blu-ray player coupled to Atlantic Technology’s THX Ultra 2 IWTS-155 left, centre, right speakers and four IWTS 14SR surround speakers. Two 6” diameter in-ceiling speakers, the IC6.3 Tri-mode™ model, are utilised for the .2 channels. Earthquake’s Mini Me P10 subwoofer, with its 600 watt amplifier, 10” bass driver and 10” passive radiator provides substantial low frequency reinforcement. Package 2 has a retail price of £7,800.

MRC Atmos Package 3 rs

Package three is a £6,600 retail priced 5.1.4 system aimed at the user who wants a stand-alone solution that doesn’t require any structural work to be done to the room. Four Atlantic Technology THX Select Certified 4400LR floorstanding speakers provide the front left, right and rear channels, with the centre channel duties handled by the dedicated 4400C. The .4 channels are catered for by the new Atlantic Technology 44DA Dolby Atmos upward firing speakers. Low frequency effects are given the Earthquake treatment, courtesy of the Mini Me P10, subwoofer and Yamaha’s RXA2040 Dolby Atmos AV amplifier and BDS677 Blu-ray provide the signal processing and high definition image.

Mike Bonnette, The Multi-Room Company’s product director, who configured the packages in conjunction with the company’s home cinema specialist Matt Statham says, “Our unique product offering of Atlantic Technology, Earthquake and Yamaha puts us in a position to create Dolby Atmos home cinema packages that provide solutions for a number of end user requirements. With these three packages we have catered for most customer needs, from the retro-fit solution, that doesn’t need any structural alterations, right up to the THX specification flagship offering.” He continues, “Dolby Atmos is the latest must-have for home cinema enthusiasts and movie lovers and we are confident that in conjunction with our retailers and installers we have catered for their needs.”

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The Multi-Room Company Enhances Its Support For Key Digital’s Compass Control System With A Dedicated Technical Consultant

KeyDigital Logo HIRES

Key Digital UK distributor, The Multi-Room Company, has appointed a dedicated technical consultant to oversee all aspects of the iPad based Compass Control® system, to bring a more attentive service to its installer customers.

Former Multi-Room Company sales manager for Key Digital products, Ben Hillman, has formed a consultancy business as a Compass programmer and will be providing a service on behalf of The Multi-Room Company to all its Key Digital customers. Ben, who has gained extensive knowledge of all aspects of the comprehensive Compass Control system during his period working with the brand, will provide long term programming for existing systems, where additions or changes are required, and undertake new commissions and training of the company’s customers.

Key Digital Compass GroupMike Bonnette, product director for The Multi-Room Company, comments, “We have re-structured the sales function for Key Digital products and separated it from the technical and programming aspects in order to provide a much more clearly defined and focused service for our installers. Ben has an immense amount of knowledge about the Compass system, having worked very closely with Key Digital ever since the platform was developed, and his skills are such that our Compass customers are going to benefit enormously from having him concentrate on the configuration and programming of the system.”

KD-HD16x16ProK h

He continues, “Sales of Key Digital’s superb range of HD matrix switchers and distribution products will remain in-house and will be overseen by our sales manager Matt Statham. We are confident that this re-organisation will be to the benefit of all Key Digital users in the UK.”

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New Russound Acclaim Speaker Line Incorporate Design Improvements to Maximise Performance and Installer Benefits

Russound Logo A

Whole-house audio innovator Russound, distributed exclusively in the UK by The Multi-Room Company, has introduced updates to the successful Acclaim custom install speaker collection. The eight brand-new models feature a distinct new designer-inspired edgeless bezel design, easy-install magnetic grilles, acoustic refinements and are priced to help installers deliver optimal performance for their customers - whatever the application.

Acclaim Speakers are engineered to fit virtually any installation environment while delivering peak performance. The signature edgeless magnetic grilles attach securely using an array of 12 Neodymium magnets and are offered in both round and square shapes to blend into any decor. All models feature a time saving and vibration free triple dog-leg fixing, which accommodate a wide range of ceiling materials from 6mm to 35mm thick, allowing installers to finish jobs quickly while guaranteeing the solid grip that high fidelity sound demands.

New Russound RSF820 with Square Grill

The new line is based on two different audio applications. The Performance Series can be used for almost all installations, from single room designs to whole house systems. The High Resolution Series is designed for critical listening areas where a higher fidelity solution is required. Both offer choices of two-way designs with either a flat, non-angled woofer (RSF models) or angled (RSA models) in a low-diffraction baffle that can help direct audio to key listening areas.

The Acclaim models were designed with ultra-light Neodymium magnets that weigh up to 92% less than typical woofers, while maintaining the same performance characteristics. These acoustic attributes allow for a shallower design, making the RSA models the only angled woofers available that fit into a standard stud wall, or in any ceiling space where the full depth is not available due to plumbing, ductwork, conduit or any other unforeseen obstruction.
All 6” versions utilise the same cut-out dimension and grille sizes, allowing for easy upgrades to any Acclaim model, even after the drywall has been cut and the grilles custom-painted. The two new 8” models give installers the flexibility to step up to a larger speaker size when needed, with the same aesthetic appeal of the edgeless grille design.

All models incorporate a curved tweeter bridge for wide dispersion and all tweeters can be adjusted multi-directionally up to 15°. The woofer cones range from pure polypropylene to custom polypropylene-mica and polypropylene-carbon fibre blends. The acoustically matched designs allow installers to mix and match from either the Performance or the High Resolution Series speakers, with the confidence that audiophiles and homeowners will be pleased with the result.

RSF-635 Ultra Low Profile In-Ceiling

In addition to the shallow depth of the entire range, when an installation has even tighter restrictions, the new RSF-635 can be installed in a space that is as shallow as 69mm, while maintaining its high quality audio performance thanks to and advanced thin, lightweight inverted Neodymium N40 magnet structure.

Among other key features found in the new selection is the centre channel adjustment switch found in the High Resolution RSA-635. Ideal for overcoming the limitations of placing a speaker in the ideal aesthetic position instead of the ideal acoustic position, the centre channel adjustment switch allows important tweaks to be made to improve intelligibility of entertainment dialogue.

“Installers and integrators have come to rely on the Acclaim speakers for their versatility, quality, performance and value,” said Mike Bonnette, product director at The Multi-Room Company. “Ongoing use of the highest quality drivers, advanced crossover networks, and elegant designs guarantee the best possible audio reproduction. Our trade partners and resellers will find that the latest enhancements will make their work easier, and in turn, their customers even happier with exceptional value for money and performance.

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Key Digital Announce Sonos Integration For Compass Control

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Key Digital Compass Announcement Sonos

Compass Control® Technology Now Compatible with Sonos Products. New Bi-directional driver gives integrators a plug-and-play solution.

Key Digital, distributed in the UK by The Multi-Room Company, has announced that Sonos products are now compatible with Compass Control, bringing users simple touch control of their distributed multi-room audio as part of their whole house control system.

Key Digital has developed a driver and a pre-configured GUI template for its Compass Control system, the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS devices as its backbone, to interface with Sonos products. Now Compass Control users can use any of their Sonos products with just a touch of a button. The addition of Sonos continues Key Digital’s mission of expanding the Compass Control driver library every day to bring the best quality and product selection to its users.

Sonos products allow customers to have access to their music library or connect to their music streaming services. Products compatible with the Compass Control system are: Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, Playbar, Sub, Connect:AMP, and Connect. Using the Compass Control app, Sonos users will have all the features they had with their Sonos controller they were previously using on their smartphone or tablet.

Ben Hillman, The Multi-Room Company’s Key Digital expert, says, “Sonos is one of the most popular consumer focused multi-room audio solutions available and many of our installer customers are called upon to install systems as part of larger whole house projects. Now with the addition of fully immersed control via Compass the Sonos system can truly be part of the installation and not a stand alone system that sits alongside the rest of the technology.” He concludes, “I feel sure that this will enhance the end-users’ experience and provide additional revenue generation opportunities for installers.”

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