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Soundcast added to Connected Distribution Portfolio

Soundcast logo only orange gray

Connected Distribution today announced it has partnered with the market innovator in high-performance wireless audio systems, Soundcast, to bring the company’s Bluetooth and wireless weather-resistant portable audio products to UK consumers.

VG1 box open crop

San Diego based Soundcast has been in existence since the early 2000s, when the founders of one of the USA’s largest and oldest loudspeaker manufacturers launched the brand. Its products are high-performance wireless audio speakers that deliver the ultimate in sound quality and are designed to work seamlessly with any lifestyle, indoors or out.

VG1 dramatic front lt Web crop

With five loudspeaker products in the VGX series and a Bluetooth transmitter in the range, there is a product for every application, from a pocket sized portable and fully waterproof speaker to the class-leading flagship outdoor portable. The VG1 is diminutively proportioned at just 173mm in length and comes with dual aluminium drivers and a weighted bass radiator delivering rich, clear audio with a real bass response. Two VG1 speakers can be synced together for dedicated left and right stereo playback over Bluetooth with Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo (TWS) technology.

VG3 shadowThe VG3 is designed with two 1.5” full-range drivers and a long-throw 3” down-firing woofer for rich, full reaching sound. The VG3 features a capacitive touch interface featuring power off and on, easy-touch track and pairing control and a fuel-gauge LED array that shows power, battery and volume. The speaker’s active down-firing woofer sets it apart in its size and provides rich, clear and powerful bass. The coupling of these features provides ease of use for consumers and marks an unprecedented offering and value in a compact Bluetooth speaker.

Powered by a long-throw, down-firing 6" woofer and two 3” full range drivers, the VG5 produces plentiful low-end sound to fill the expanses of any listening environment. The largest model in the range, the VG7 utilises a 7" long-throw woofer in a downward-firing configuration and four 3" full-range drivers in a stereo 360º array presenting a 55-20kHz (+/-3dB) frequency response.

All VGX products are housed in durable rubberised cases weather resistant, with the VG1 being fully waterproof. They feature Bluetooth 4.2 technology with multiple memory slots, high-def AAC, aptX codec, lip-sync support, NFC pairing capability and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo (TWS) circuitry. The rechargeable internal battery with USB power supply provides extended wireless use and playback can also be achieved while plugged into USB power.

Bringing the power of Bluetooth audio to legacy audio systems, the VGtx is a long-range transmitter that enables speakers to extend beyond the standard 10 meters and increases to 50 meter transmission. The VGtx is connected to existing audio source equipment via a 3.5mm analogue input or digital Toslink with zero lag.

Mike Bonnette, technical director of Connected Distribution, comments, “We are delighted to be able to bring this extensive range of very high-quality products to the UK. Never before have we been so impressed by the sound quality, ease of use, build and extensive feature set of Bluetooth speakers. They really do open up a whole world of outdoor and indoor entertainment options for consumers and installers alike.” He continues, “We believe the addition of Soundcast to our portfolio of products will open up new channels and opportunities for Connected Distribution and enhance the offering of our existing business partners for their customers.”

For more information on the Soundcast range click HERE


Leading rock star chooses Parasound


Well-known rock star and platinum-selling artist, Fish, is endorsing the multi award-winning Parasound Halo integrated amplifier. His choice will ensure the accurate monitoring of his studio recordings prior to release, providing an authentic playback experience for the fans at home.


Fish1 vignette Para logo Fish logo

Derek Dick, otherwise known as Fish, is a successful solo artist and the former Marillion frontman and lyricist who fronted the band from 1981 to 1988, during the period of the critically acclaimed and iconic Misplaced Childhood album. Since that time, he has gone on to explore contemporary pop, traditional folk and rock music, releasing over 12 albums and touring the world to a huge and loyal international fan base.

Fish has chosen Parasound’s exceptionally well-reviewed Halo Integrated amplifier for the main audio system in his home and studio located close to Edinburgh. The integration of Parasound amplification will enable Fish and his band members to record the upcoming album, “Weltschmerz”, in their dedicated studio facility and carefully monitor the results before commercial pressings are made. 

The Parasound Halo Integrated has been designed to bring the audio benefits of the highly respected Halo range, as used in some of the most well-respected recording studios in the world, to a one box solution. With its high-resolution ESS Sabre32 Reference DSD capable DAC; MM/MC phono stage; balanced XLRs; analogue bass management; and 160-watts per channel of John Curl designed amplifier topology, the Halo Integrated provides flawless reproduction of the highest resolution digital and analogue audio.

UK Parasound distributor, Connected Distribution, installed the amplifier in Fish’s premises in conjunction with Doncaster based Parasound retailer, Audio Elevation.

Fish, says, “I have been listening extensively to the Parasound Halo amplifier ever since it was installed and am blown away by its combination of accuracy and musicality. The first night with it involved a few glasses and playing albums into the small hours – time ran away with me as the sound was so absorbing.” He continues, “I am under no illusion that it is going to contribute hugely to the creation of my next studio album and can’t wait to hear the results as we start the recording process. In the meantime, my extensive music collection is going to get some serious and very enjoyable listening!”

Mike Bonnette, technical director of Connected Distribution, comments, “To have an artist of Fish’s standing choose to equip his home with the Halo amplifier is a testament to the dedication shown by Richard Schram, and his team at Parasound, to produce amplifiers that allow artists to capture their music without compromise and music lovers to enjoy it sounding as good as it possibly can.” He continues, “We are delighted that Fish has agreed to act as an endorsee for this superb amplifier and look forward very much to hearing the next album, which will be the first to have been monitored using the Halo.”


For more information omn the Parasound Halo integrated, visit

Parasound introduces the Zonemaster 2350 stereo power amplifier with subwoofer crossover



Parasound is introducing the ZoneMaster ZM2350, a powerful and affordable 350-watt per channel Class D stereo power amplifier with built-in subwoofer crossover, perfect for custom installation and premium audio applications.

2350 high angle black web

The two-channel ZoneMaster ZM2350 draws on the company's renowned heritage of low-noise class AB input stages and analogue bass management, combined with the highest quality Class D amplification to drive 8-ohm speakers to 350 watts per channel and up to 600 watts into 4-ohms.  As with all Parasound amplifiers, the 2350's high current design and extensive heat-sinking enable it to easily drive 2-ohm loads in demanding applications.

2350 front back black web

In addition to providing high power and audiophile-grade sound quality to stereo speakers, the ZoneMaster 2350 includes installer-friendly features that have proven very popular on Parasound's other ZoneMaster amplifiers. These include a two-channel analogue 80Hz, 24dB/octave low-pass crossover for driving up to four 8-ohm passive subwoofers with 300 watts per sub, without the need for external crossovers. A mono mode permits use of up to eight 8-ohm full-0range mono speakers, perfect for applications where stereo sound is not required, such as bars and restaurants.

Each channel features a separate level control, useful to limit the output when using speakers with in-wall volume controls, for left/right balance adjustment to compensate for room placement or to restrict the maximum level in a particular zone. A and B speaker switches, a stereo/mono switch and a switchable 30Hz/80Hz high-pass filter, to improve performance with small speakers, provide flexibility of set up. Both line level and speaker level inputs are catered for, with the option to daisy chain both at line level to another amplifier. The 2350 also features a mono full range line level output and an 80Hz low pass line level output for use with an active subwoofer. Audio-sensing or 12 Volt trigger auto turn-on options complete the line-up of installer friendly features.

"While this is probably my 38th new power amplifier introduction, I am especially excited about the ZoneMaster 2350 as something new and different for Parasound," said Richard Schram, the company's president and founder. "It has the high horsepower our industry has come to expect from good Class D, and by marrying it with our industry-leading analogue input stage and unique connectivity options, we've created a remarkably rugged, maximum-fidelity amp that can play at the red-line all day. With bass management and versatile installation features, it is also a really practical choice for commercial systems."

The Parasound ZoneMaster 2350 is now available from authorised Parasound dealers with an MSRP of £1,449 inc. VAT.

For more information on Parasound products, click HERE or buy online from


High Quality Bluetooth Audio from the Cabasse SWELL

Cabasse Logo


Cabasse, the leading name in French high-fidelity since 1950, is excited to announce SWELL, the company’s first wireless portable speaker is now available through Connected Distribution, its UK distributor. This rechargeable Bluetooth speaker proves that audiophile quality music can be produced from an ultra-compact speaker for enjoyment by music lovers on-the-move.

Packshot Cabasse SWELL perspectives 1 copy

With more than 67 years of experience in high-fidelity acoustics, Cabasse has used its expertise to develop its first wireless, travelling speaker that offers the pure, dynamic and wholly natural “Cabasse signature” sound. Built with a state-of-the-art digital amplifier and fine-tuned in the Cabasse studios in France, SWELL is one of the most powerful and well-balanced hi-fi Bluetooth portable speakers available. It is equipped with four speaker drivers and has a complete audio range that goes from tight, rich bass to the purest high tones, with an especially transparent reproduction of the critical midrange.

SWELL offers simple and pleasant listening to all styles of music. The user simply connects a smartphone or tablet directly to the speaker via Bluetooth using the NFC connection technology, or manual pairing, and can instantly listen to all their playlists, streaming services or favourite web radio stations. It’s even possible to connect a turntable (equipped with a phono preamp) or a CD player to the auxiliary input, to expand the music choice to all formats. And, to get the party really started, two SWELL speakers can be paired together to create a 120 watt stereo system!

Compact and easy to carry, SWELL can follow audiophiles everywhere at home or while travelling, making it possible to enjoy quality sound either alone or with friends. Its low weight (750g) makes it the perfect speaker to carry anywhere, and with 10 hours of non-stop music from its rechargeable battery, listening to music has no boundaries!

Cabasse SWELL relaxation

The SWELL is a “jewel” of a speaker that will become an integral part of the home decor thanks to its understated elegant design which is available in black or white. Its sturdy structure and metallic grill provide durability, making it the perfect travel companion. The Cabasse quality acoustics are enhanced by a refined aesthetic that only a “Designed in France” badge can offer.

The SWELL will be available in the UK during November 2017 and will have a MSRP of £229.


Cabasse introduces the Murano Alto loudspeakers

New from Cabasse is the high-end and high-performance Murano Alto column speaker, that offers a big sound and the benefits of co-axial drive unit technology in a compact slim-line enclosure.

DSC 0155 Murano Alto web

Murano Alto uses technology trickled down from the Cabasse flagship products, such as the midrange-tweeter coaxial driver from the Cabasse masterpiece system, l’Océan, and two new designs of honeycomb membrane woofers, developed from La Sphère. The combination of such high-end components into a more compact loudspeaker make it possible for users of the Murano Alto to experience the effortless reproduction of music that Cabasse is famous for.

At the heart of the tri-axial driver from the high-end L’Océan speaker, the BC13 fitted to Murano Alto guarantees perfect reproduction of tones, without unwanted distortion nor listening fatigue and with an unrivalled soundstage. And specially engineered for the Murano Alto, today’s BC13 has a new aluminium wave broadcast system designed to optimise integrations with Murano’s woofer.

The new 17ND36 woofer drivers were specially designed for the Murano speakers. To quickly obtain rich and deep bass in a compact speaker, Cabasse engineers miniaturised the same concept from La Sphère’s 55cm woofer driver. The concave membrane with a honeycomb structure provides extra rigidity, as well as cushioned movement, resulting in high performance and excursion without deformation. Guided by an extra-long voice coil in the 45mm air gap of the powerful motor, weighing in at 4kg, this membrane bestows Murano Alto a quality of bass that has a purity and solidity of reproduction not normally associated with speakers at this price.

Three long, curved and flared, down-firing port tubes supply a stunning boost to low frequencies, with extension and depth. The user option to seal one port of each speaker provides the user with a choice to configure either the maximum amount of bass or the best extension for extremely deep bass, to suit the room acoustics and musical taste.

The 102cm tall, 27cm wide and 37cm deep Murano Alto has a frequency response of 32Hz – 24kHz and is capable of handling 175 watts of RMS power and 1200 watts peak. It is available in Glossy White, Glossy Black or Glossy Mahogany finishes and has a UK MSRP of £8,000 per pair.

A trio of Cabasse debuts at The Indulgence Show

Cabasse distributor, Connected Distribution, will use The Indulgence Show to unveil three new important models from the French manufacturer, including the new Baltic 4 high-end lifestyle speakers, Murano Alto compact tower speakers and the company’s first Bluetooth portable speaker, SWELL.


Baltic 4

The Baltic 4s combine audiophile sound quality and stunning aesthetics to satisfy the desires of both the hi-fi and lifestyle visitors attending the show. As the only three-way coaxial satellite loudspeaker available, fitted with wholly new tri-axial driver, Baltic offers the acoustical and musical qualities that only a full-range true point source can do. The Baltic 4 stands out from the crowd with its spherical enclosure mounted on a sculptured blade and circular base. It is available with a Wenge stand and shere in Pearl, Black Pearl, Glossy White or Glossy Black. For The Indulgence Show, the Glossy White Sphere wil be mounted on a matching Glossy White stand.

The Baltic is designed to be used in a 2.1 configuration and integrating seamlessly is the Santorin 30-500 subwoofer. The power, musicality and precision of automatic room acoustics optimisation is combined with the sensitivity of the 360° down-firing 30cm honeycomb woofer, make the Santorin 30-500 the leader in its category. 


Baltic 4 close up black on black web

Murano Alto

The high performance Murano Alto column speaker, provides a big sound and the benefits of co-axial drive unit technology in a compact, slim-line enclosure. The combination of the midrange-tweeter coaxial driver from the Cabasse masterpiece system, l’Océan, and two new designs of honeycomb membranes woofers make it possible for Murano Alto to effortlessly reproduce all genres of music.

At the heart of the tri-axial TC23 driver from the high-end L’Océan speaker, the BC13 fitted to Murano Alto guarantees perfect reproduction of tones, without unwanted distortion nor listening fatigue and with an unrivalled soundstage. And engineered for the Murano Alto, today’s BC13 has a new aluminium wave broadcast system specifically designed for optimal use in conjunction with Murano’s woofer drivers. Specially designed to quickly obtain rich and deep bass in a compact speaker, the Cabasse engineers miniaturised the concept from La Sphère’s 55cm woofer driver.

DSC 0155 Murano Alto web


Built with a state-of-the-art digital amplifier and fine-tuned in the Cabasse studios in France, SWELL is one of the most powerful and well balanced hi-fi Bluetooth portable speakers available. It is equipped with four speaker drivers and has a complete audio range that goes from rich deep bass to the purest high tones.

Compact and easy to carry, SWELL follows audiophiles everywhere at home or while travelling, making it possible to enjoy quality sound either alone or with friends. Its lightweight (750g) makes it the perfect speaker to carry anywhere, and with 10 hours of non-stop music from its rechargeable battery listening to music has no boundaries!

Packshot Cabasse SWELL perspectives 1 copy

See and hear the Baltic 4 and Santorin 30-500 system, plus Murano Alto and SWELL in the Pouilly Suite, Mezzanine Floor at The Indulgence Show. 29th Sept – 1st Oct, Novotel London West, Hammersmith.

Book tickets here:


The Connected Distribution Expo – 12 July 2017

CDL North Expo July 12 2017 Web
12th July at the Best Western Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford. 10.30am - 3.30pm.

Join us to learn about the latest products and technologies from our major brands and see how they can help you with your installations. We'll have hands-on product sessions, technology teach-ins and representatives from some of our supplier partners, including Cabasse, Russound, Pulse-Eight, Krika and Yamaha will be on hand, bringing you their very latest news and helping you with any specific technical or product queries you may have.

See, Experience and Learn about the latest products from:

All attendees will be entered into a prize draw to win an amazing Cabasse Eole3 5.1 System.
Plus they'll be exclusive on-the-day deals available on a selection of products. 

Cedar Court Hotel Bradford

The Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, BD5 8HW is conveniently located just off the M62 and M606, halfway between Liverpool and Hull, making travel easy from the Midlands and North of England.

Or call directly on: +44 (0)1242 511133

The Connected Distribution Expo – 21 June 2017

expo logo south

Connected Distribution, the go-to distributor for custom installation and hi-fi brands, is holding its ‘Expo 2017’ product showcase event on 21 June at the Best Western Moat House Hotel, Reading, with many new products on show and guest speakers from around the world.

best western reading moat house nr wokingham 190520151306047525

Starting at 10.30am and running through the day, the Expo will feature product and technology teach-ins, hands-on product sessions and displays of products from across the company’s portfolio. Brands featured: Pulse-Eight, Russound, Cabasse, Parasound, Krika, Atlantic Technology, Earthquake, Sanus and Yamaha. There will be presentations from a number of brands, including an introduction to the new Pulse-Eight neo:8, with its Amazon Alexa voice control and revolutionary CEC control of Sky boxes.

Amazon Alexa logo transparent12

The event will present an opportunity for installers to see new products from a number of suppliers, such as subwoofers and cinema speakers from Earthquake, 70V line products from Russound, the Krika remote devices tracker and a preview of the 2017 Yamaha AVRs.

Yamaha RX A3070

Representatives will be present from a number of suppliers, including: from France, Gohar Gabrielyan of Cabasse and Bruno Napoli of Krika. From Russound in the USA, Pete Baker and from the UK, Dean Carroll of Sanus, Roy Leggett from Pulse Eight and Martin Torbuck of Yamaha.

Additionally, Connected Distribution will be introducing some exclusive offers for all Expo attendees across its product lines, making the trip to Reading worthwhile financially as well as educationally.

Attendance at the Expo is free of charge and open to any installers, specifiers and retailers, whether customers of Connected Distribution or not.


Connected Distribution Expo: 21st of June 2017

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21st June at the Best Western Moat House Hotel, Reading. 10.30am - 3.30pm.

Join us to learn about the latest products and technologies from our major brands and see how they can help you with your installations.

We'll have hands-on product sessions, technology teach-ins and representatives from some of our supplier partners will be on hand, bringing you their very latest news and helping you with any specific queries you may have.

The Best Western Moat House, Reading, RG41 5DG is conveniently located just off the A329(M), So this should make travel easy from all across the south of England (or further afield too). 


Or call directly on: +44 (0)1242 511133

Smell the coffee with Connected Distribution at EI Live 2017

Web Banner

Connected Distribution is joining forces with its supplier partner, Pulse-Eight, to present the “Connected Distribution & Pulse-Eight Lounge” at this year’s EI Live. Not only will Connected be presenting nine of its key brands in the 180m2 exhibition space, but it will also be offering the visitors the best coffee at the show and free croissants for breakfast!

coffee copy

Upgrading its presence from a shell scheme to the considerable space at this year’s show makes a statement by Connected Distribution. A statement that, following the successful rebranding of 2016, the company is driving forwards with its ambitious business plan. The core principle of which is the seamless connection of supplier partners to customer partners, with the company providing the conduit. This means partnering with suppliers such as Pulse-Eight at events to put them in direct contact with Connected Distribution’s customers, so they can extoll the virtues of their products directly to the installers. Representatives from several suppliers will be present at the show.

Partnering with Pulse-Eight gives installers the opportunity to interact with the managing director and chief designer, Martin Ellis, and members of his engineering team. It will become clear from the cutting-edge product launches and demonstrations planned by Pulse-Eight, why Connected Distribution chose this British based company as its sole HD video management brand.

In addition to Pulse-Eight, Connected will be showcasing new products from Russound, Parasound, Cabasse, Sanus, Krika, Atlantic Technology, Yamaha and Earthquake.

From Russound, the company’s first 70V/100V line products will be on display. The XZone70V is a high-resolution streamer/amplifier that enables very long run and multiple speaker installations for commercial environments. The XZone70V provides streaming audio content from the cloud via vTuner, TuneIn and Spotify, from a local network and Apple AirPlay™ devices. Its powerful 70v/100v amplifier provides up to 300 watts of power in a single 1U chassis.

Also from Russound and getting its first UK showing, the recently introduced XZone4 is a 1U component offering four independent audio streams that support up to four rooms of audio.

The company’s other major electronics brand, Parasound, will be represented with the complete Zonemaster multi-channel amplifier line up and the new 4DAX, the first four-zone DAC for the custom installation industry. 4DAX is designed to improve the sound quality of multi-zone streaming audio installation based around streamers such as the Sonos Connect®, Google Chromecast™ Audio, Denon Heos® or Apple Airport Express®.

The Cabasse area of the product display will be focused on the company’s Stream range, specifically the new Stream BASE and Stream BAR. These soundbase and soundbar products provide all the network streaming services and multi-room capabilities of the existing Cabasse Stream range – Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Napster, vTuner – and bring far superior sound to flat panel TVs.

Partnering particularly well with the Cabasse Stream BASE, is the new WSTV1 Swivelling TV Mount from SANUS. Recently launched and getting its first UK public showing in the Connected Distribution Lounge, this innovative design enables a TV to be mounted in such a way as to appear to float above the soundbase, while providing up to 40 degrees of left to right swivel adjustment.

The most recent addition to the Connected Distribution portfolio, Krika, is aconnected devices remote tracker that provides installers with the ability to monitor and troubleshoot their installs without costly site visits. Representatives from Krika will be on hand to explain why this is a must have product for all installations.

Home theatre specialist brands, Atlantic Technology and Earthquake, will be represented by the latest additions to their loudspeaker ranges. Atlantic’s dedicated Dolby Atmos/DTS:X object based audio in-ceiling speakers and Earthquake’s compact in-wall LCR will be available for visitors to see. And from Yamaha, see the latest addition to its MusicCast products.

All show visitors are invited to the Connected Distribution & Pulse-Eight Lounge, where they will be able to relax with a great cup of coffee and a croissant for breakfast. Plus, they’ll have the chance to win a Pulse-Eight neo:4 Professional HD Matrix and get up to 50% off any Pulse-Eight purchases made on the day with a scratch-card promotion.

Register for EI Live HERE

Connected Distribution appointed as exclusive Krika distributor

Krika Logo Cropped Web

Connected Distribution is pleased to announce it has been appointed as exclusive UK distributor for Krika, the connected devices remote tracker that provides installers with the ability to monitor and troubleshoot without costly site visits.

krika mini new case black

Krika products remotely monitor all the equipment on customers’ networks and provide installers with real-time status updates on all the connected devices that are part of the installation. Email and text notifications are sent when devices that are critical to the smooth running of the system require attention or disappear from the network. This gives the installer the opportunity to remotely reboot or Wake-On-Lan the faulty product, obviating the need for site visits and minimising the downtime of the customer’s system.

krika one NUC5i3RYK w sticker

France based Krika manufactures two products, the Krika mini and its larger sibling, the Krika One. Both are extremely robust devices based around a Linux OS, which implement various protocols for device detection such as TCP, HTTP, UPNP, SNMP, etc. Every five minutes the Krika unit sends a report to Krika’s own cloud-based servers which process and analyse the reports. This generates a dashboard, containing a detailed list of all devices connected to the local network, that the installer can consult from any browser without having to log onto the customer’s own network. One way communication from the Krika to the cloud ensures robust security of the customer’s network.

In addition to the functions of the highly cost effective Krika mini, the bigger Krika Oneis an “all in one” PC + Krika solution embedded in a powerful Intel nuc platform. Krika One allows professionals to work remotely on the local network exactly as if they were onsite. The One offers remote access (via TeamViewer) to a robust Windows server environment, ready to host professional software suites such as AMX, Crestron, RTI, Control4, Sonos, and Lutron, etc.

Commenting on the addition of Krika to Connected Distribution’s portfolio, Mike Bonnette, product director, says, “Installing Krika is an insurance policy for the installer that works silently 24/7 to monitor the system status and send out notifications when issues arise. Like all insurance policies you hope never to need it, but when you do it is an invaluable tool that can save time, money and prevent customer complaints as the fault can be fixed before they’ve even noticed it.

“We believe this should be an essential addition to any installation as it represents extremely good value for money. Its cost can either be absorbed into the price of the install on the basis that it will save money in the long term, or it could provide additional revenue opportunities for the installer through the sale of ongoing maintenance contracts. Whichever way it is implemented, Krika represents a ‘must have’ product that we are very pleased to be representing in the UK.”

For more information about Krika, click HERE

Connected Distribution wins Russound Distributor of the Year

Russound Logo A

Connected Distribution, the exclusive Russound UK distributor, is delighted to announce it has been awarded the Russound “Distributor of the Year” accolade and “RCI Partner of the Year” during the recent ISE Show in Amsterdam.

Russound awards

Announced at the annual Partner Reception event, Charlie Porritt, Russound’s CEO, presented awards to the company’s partners, culminating in the “Distributor of the Year” award handed to Mike Bonnette, product director at Connected Distribution. The award recognised the phenomenal growth achieved across all product categories by Connected Distribution during 2015.

The company was also honoured for its implementation of the Russound Certified Installer (RCI) programme. This initiative is designed to ensure consumers receive the benefits of working with certified installation professionals and, at the same time, drastically reducing unauthorised online and grey import sales of its products. Products are shipped “locked”, requiring a certified Russound installation professional to unlock them. Connected Distribution has worked with a considerable number of its customers to ensure they are properly trained, which was recognised with the “RCI Partner of the Year” award.

Mike Bonnette, reacted to the awards by saying, “Russound has been a long-standing supplier of ours, starting in the early 2000s, and we have consistently enjoyed a fantastic business relationship with the company. We are extremely grateful to Charlie and the team for the recognition they have shown to us through these awards and look forward to an ongoing partnership that continues to benefit our respective businesses, our customers and end-users.”

For more information about Russound click HERE

Parasound introduces the Zonemaster 4 DAX four-zone DAC



Connected Distribution is introducing the Parasound ZoneMaster® 4 DAX, the first four-zone DAC for the custom installation industry, to improve the sound quality of multi-zone streaming audio installations.

4DAX front black

The Parasound ZoneMaster 4 DAX was designed in response to installers who create multi-zone systems based around streamers such as the Sonos Connect®, Google Chromecast™ Audio, Denon Heos® or Apple Airport Express® and are looking to upgrade their clients’ digital sound quality, while adding connectivity for subwoofers, stereo or mono speakers and system control options. 


4DAX rear black

The 4 DAX is a 1U chassis unit that achieves superior DAC performance by using four premium 192kHz ESS Sabre DACs and four Parasound-designed analogue crossovers with multiple configuration options. Hyperstream™ jitter eliminators provide unmatched audio clarity, free from input clock jitter that can be symptomatic of low cost DACs often used in audio streamers. The 4 DAX's analogue line level audio outputs include full-range stereo, high-pass stereo, full-range mono, high-pass mono and low-pass mono/subwoofer for each of its four zones. This presents the installer with unparalleled flexibility of installation, using large-scale speakers, in-ceiling bass limited speakers or subwoofer/satellite combinations, all in either stereo or mono.

4DAX hookups

Each zone has optical and coaxial digital inputs, level adjustments for left and right channels and 12V outputs for turning on additional equipment such as amplifiers. Parasound's ZoneMaster line of multi-zone amplifiers has independent 12v trigger outputs for each zone making them perfect companions to the 4 DAX. Using the bus inputs on a Zonemaster multi-channel amplifier and daisy-chaining multiple amps, provides the possibility of an almost limitless number of speakers per zone, underpinning the 4 DAX’s suitability for both simple domestic installations or large scale commercial use.

Previously, installers would have needed four separate DACs and four crossovers, in four separate chassis, taking up precious rack space and making integration with subwoofers and bass limited speakers overly complicated.

"We’re often asked by installers whether it’s possible to make the streaming system the customer has requested sound better?” said Mike Bonnette, product director for Parasound’s UK distributor, Connected Distribution. “Until now the only way has been to use multiple stereo DACs and separate crossovers. With the 4 DAX, the solution is now simple and elegantly contained within a single product. Our customers can now provide the best of both worlds with multi-zone, streaming solutions and hugely improved sound quality, plus it provides a great opportunity to improve their margins.”

For more information on the Parasound 4 DAX click HERE.
For information on the rest of the Parasound range click HERE.

70V Line Streaming Mixer Amplifier from Russound

Russound Logo A

Connected Distribution, the Russound UK distributor, is introducing the XZone70V Streaming Audio Amplifier to give installers a powerful product for building business in the light commercial sector.

XZone70v front

The first Russound 70v model to be launched, the XZone70V Streaming Audio Amplifier is a high resolution digital media streaming source that enables very long run and multiple speaker installations for commercial environments. Incorporating the company’s XStream technology, the XZone70V provides streaming audio content from the cloud via vTuner, TuneIn and Spotify, from a local network and Apple AirPlay™ devices. Its powerful 70v/100v amplifier provides up to 300 watts of power in a single 1U chassis, making it the perfect solution for commercial installations.

Additional sources can be connected via a rear mounted USB socket for use with a flash drive or external hard drive, and a 3.5mm input jack gives the flexibility to add any other local source to the system.

XZone70V rear

Essential for commercial installations is the integrated microphone input that automatically senses a signal and pauses the audio stream for paging through the system. Condenser microphone support is easily accessed with a sliding switch on the rear panel, in addition to a mic gain control for easy adjustment of the audio level, and a front panel mic volume level that gives users access to increase speech volume as the environment dictates.

Overcoming the known limitations of 70v line systems, namely the potential for saturation of even the best speaker transformers, and hence distortion, when running low frequencies through them, the XZone70 incorporates a dedicated high pass filter to block these signals. When used in the optional 4-ohm mode, with traditional loudspeakers, the high pass filter is switched out of the circuit to permit the full frequency range to reach the speakers.

Russound has also produced a number of dedicated 70v accessories for use with the XZone70V, including the all-weather AW70V6 speakers and a 50W 70V volume control, which can be used at each speaker location for individual adjustment of level.

“XStream models for the home are proving to be a big hit with installers who want a simple, highly efficient audio streaming solution for projects of any size,” said Mike Bonnette, product director for Connected Distribution. “With the introduction of the 70v version, installers who operate in, or want to get into, light commercial installations can now take advantage of Russound’s powerful streaming technology.”

Control 4 drivers for Russound and Cabasse Stream

Control4 Certified Logo Aug 2011 jpg

Connected Distribution is pleased to announce that both Russound and Cabasse have released Control4 drivers for their products, making integration with the popular control platform effortlessly simple and providing additional revenue opportunities for installers.


Russound Logo A

With the release of the new drivers, the popular Russound range of controller amplifiers, MCA-66, MCA-88 and the streamer equipped MCA-88X, are now controllable by one of the most popular personalised automation and control solutions. This enhancement for the Russound range enables the products to be more easily integrated into whole house solutions where Control4 is used to control lighting, music, video, security etc. For Control4 installers it opens up the opportunity to specify the class-leading Russound multi-room audio products in their systems and bring their clients the seamless and high quality audio solution that Russound is famed for.

MCA 88X Front web

In addition to the MCA range of flagship products, the new XZone4 four zone, four streamer multi-room amplifier can also be controlled, as can the legacy products the X5 and DMS3.1 streamers, permitting backwards compatibility with existing installs.


Cabasse Logo

The Cabasse Stream range presents a solution for whole house audio streaming that benefits from high quality audio reproduction, access to the major online streaming services and excellent margins for the installer. The six strong collection of products, which includes the new StreamBASE and StreamBAR soundbase and soundbar, provides instant access to all the music stored on the customer’s network, to internet radio stations and streaming from Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal. Multi-room capability is built in to the range, with the simple creation of different zones comprising multiple Stream models.

AMP Bar base

The new Control4 driver provides two-way control of Cabasse Stream players, via TCP/IP. Discrete preset selection lets the user choose new music from the Control4 interface, as well as control volume level, repeat and shuffle status. Comprehensive metadata feedback to the Control4 interface creates a rich user experience, whilst offering instant synchronisation with other applications. An automatic discovery mechanism makes installation a breeze, and support for play queue management and auxiliary audio inputs completes the package.

Mike Bonnette, product director at Connected Distribution, says, “Our customers have been asking for Control4 drivers for the Russound and Cabasse products for some time so they can use their favourite products in their Control4 installs. So it’s great news that both companies have now released them and the possibilities that this brings are considerable, with installers now more able to mix and match the hardware they want to specify with the control system they have chosen to use.” He continues, ”For the Cabasse range in particular the addition of Control4 makes it a very powerful solution for whole house streaming, with extensive features and a very attractive profit margin when compared to other products.”

Control4 drivers for Russound are available here.

Control4 drivers for Cabasse are available here.

Russound introduces the A2100 digital amplifier

Russound Logo A

Connected Distribution, the Russound UK distributor, is now shipping the A2100 digital amplifier to add high quality, high powered, stereo amplification to any audio system.

Compact in form, but boasting 100w per channel, the A2100 is perfect for adding extra power where needed, or to facilitate the use of additional speakers for large rooms or outdoor zones. The space-saving half-rack size design allows for an easy fit in any equipment rack, and with its installer-friendly integration features, such as signal-sensing power on, the A2100 blends seamlessly into any system and activates automatically with the other devices as needed.          

A2100 Front web

Designed to be stable to 4-ohms, the A2100 can safely be used with two pairs of 8-ohm speakers, or it can be bridged into mono mode with 225 watts output (8-ohm). Buffered line outputs enable multiple A2100 amplifiers to be daisy-chained, permitting almost limitless extension of the audio chain. Flexibility of installation, through numerous connection permutations, makes the A2100 the perfect add-on amplifier for use with multi-room systems. For example, used with a Russound MCA-88X controller amplifier, a single A2100 can power one of the two line level zone outputs of the MCA-88X, with another two A2100s working in bridged mode to power larger speakers in another line level zone. Fine-tuning of the output volume can be adjusted using the rear panel gain control to match the volume to the other speakers in the room.

A2100 Rear web

As a specialist custom installation amplifier, the A2100 features several power-on options - always on, signal-sensing or 12v trigger – to enable it to be integrated into many different scenarios. In always on mode, the A2100 uses just 0.5 watts of power. A 12v trigger output can also be used to control other devices, such as the additional daisy-chained or bridged A2100s. A comprehensive mounting kit is included in the box, which permits single or double unit rack mounting of the 1U high enclosure, or the rack brackets can be used to wall mount the product.

Mike Bonnette, product director for Connected Distribution, says, “Russound has a proud pedigree in quality audio reproduction, having been founded 50 years ago as a hi-fi company. This gives products like the A2100 a significant audio quality advantage over many other products, while retaining the excellent value proposition that the company is famed for.” He continues, “The new amplifier is sure to find many fans in the custom installation sector and the admiration of the quality conscious end-user.”

For more information on the A2100 click HERE


Cabasse introduces the Stream BAR. A soundbar that streams!

Cabasse Logo


Connected Distribution, exclusive UK distributor for French loudspeaker experts, Cabasse, is introducing the Stream BAR to UK consumers, bringing them better quality TV sound and a world of streaming audio with multi-room capabilities.

Stream BAR SET 2016 04

The latest product in Cabasse’s acclaimed Stream range, the Stream BAR packs a punch considerably above its weight. With two purposely developed tweeters, four mid/bass units all driven by three-way active amplification with an included 100-watt wireless subwoofer, the high fidelity and power produced is perfect for home cinema and high-resolution audio reproduction.

Connection to the TV is simply made by using the dedicated HDMI Connection. The Stream BAR uses the Audio Return Channel (ARC) functionality for sound and for easy control. This allows the TV remote to be used to select sources connected to the TV and control the volume. The HDMI input can be used to connect a source to the BAR, with video passed to the TV via its HDMI output.

Close up BAR 2016 04 web

The Stream BAR also features four digital audio connections: Bluetooth AptX for streaming from phones and tablets, WiFi and Ethernet for internet streaming and network audio, USB for local drives and a Dolby Digital Optical S/PDIF input for TV’s or other peripherals. A 3.5mm analogue stereo jack input allows for connection of a portable music player. In these instances the supplied remote control (or dedicated Cabasse AWOX App) is used to select the source.

When connected via ethernet or WiFi to the router, Stream BAR gives instant access to all the music stored on the network, to internet radio stations, and audio streaming from Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal. Control is via the intuitive Stream CONTROL app for iOS and Android. The USB connection provides direct access to music stored on a stick or a hard drive to play it on the BAR, or on any Stream device in the home network using the built in DLNA server engine.

stream bar ambiance 2016 04 web

Despite its compact size, the output from the Stream BAR is impressive. Cabasse’s engineers have designed sophisticated sound processing, which offers breathtaking 3D effects while preserving the integrity of timbres and the natural sound of voices. Low frequency information is produced by the wireless subwoofer, which connects automatically the first time the system is powered up.

Mike Bonnette, product director for Connected Distribution, says, “Cabasse has done it again with the Stream BAR, taking its superb streaming technology, that gives access to more streaming services than the vast majority of products, and applying it to a stylish design that sounds fantastic. For music lovers and movie fans this is a beautifully simple way of providing a very high quality audio experience that will really enhance their listening experience.”

The Stream BAR has a UK retail price of £899 and will be available early September.

Follow this LINK to learn more about Stream BAR

Russound Delivers XZone4 Four-Stream, Four-Zone Audio System

Russound Logo A


Connected Distribution, the exclusive Russound UK distributor, is now shipping the XZone4 Four-Stream, Four-Zone Audio System, designed to offer Russound installers a single-box package featuring simple browser-based configuration with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.


The XZone4 is a 1U rack-mountable component offering four independent audio streams that support up to four rooms of audio in a home or business, and can scale up to 16 total audio zones by linking up one or more of the other XStream series products. Russound is one of the few brands in the custom installation channel that builds Apple AirPlay support into all its streaming products and the XZone 4 includes an independent AirPlay stream to each zone.

The new model is part of the company’s expandable XStream series, engineered specifically for custom installation professionals and their clients, who want simple integration and scalability. It works with the MyRussound App for iOS/Android phones and tablets and is also fully compatible with the XTS wall-mounted touchscreen interface, allowing control of up to 16 stereo audio zones in a single installation using any combination of XStream series audio products.

In keeping with other advanced Russound products, XZone4 is included in the Russound Certified Installer (RCI) Programme. “RCI Required” models boast a recently introduced feature designed to drastically reduce unauthorised online sales of the company’s products while ensuring that consumers receive the benefits of working with certified installation professionals. To date, more than 5,000 Russound installers have taken part in the program, including many in the UK.


Mike Bonnette, product director for Connected Distribution, says, “The XZone4 was designed after consultation with custom installers to find out what they needed in a streamer. The feedback was for a simple solution that is scalable, easy to install and configure and that comes with intuitive operation. The XZone4 incorporates their recommendations, with an additional benefit also requested by the company’s customers – ‘keep it off the internet!’ By including it in the Russound Certified Installer Programme they have done just that, securing installer’s skills and helping maintain healthy, competitive margins for them.”


Click HERE for more information on the XZone4


Cabasse introduces the Murano high-end compact speaker

Cabasse Logo

Connected Distribution introduces the Cabasse Murano, the smallest full range speaker in its Artis high-end series. It benefits from innovations initially developed for the reference La Sphère: the co-axial midrange tweeter and specific technologies incorporated in the design of the woofer, combined together to generate the best possible sound quality and performance for a speaker of its size.

Cabasse murano with stands

The honeycomb dome membrane, borrowed from La Sphère’s woofer, and the powerful long throw motor system enable the 17 cm woofer of Murano to provide clean and deep low frequencies. With 1000W peak power handling, any type of music will be sublime with a pair Muranos, whether listening at low or high levels, in a small or large room. Furthermore, guided by a long voice coil in the 45mm deep air gap of a 4-kilogram oversized motor, the driver gives the bass incredible purity and strength, unexpected from such a small device.

The BC13 co-axial midrange-tweeter is developed from the three-way TC23 which is fitted to the flagships La Sphère and L’Océan. BC13 guarantees a faithful straightforward tonal balance without any auditory strain, for a deep and incredibly realistic soundstage. The new speaker comes fitted with a new aluminium wave-guide specifically designed for optimal sound output.

The Cabasse measuring protocol through the HDSE (Homogeneous Distribution of the Sonic Energy) filters in the anechoic chamber takes into account measurements of the listening axis and at 360° around the speaker for perfect control of the directivity of sound. Whilst the global power output, in keeping with the Cabasse HDSE principle, provides a sound level that is even and constant, whether it direct or reflected.

Available in three different colours, the Murano, in glossy black will shine in any environment, whilst those looking to shake up the scenery will choose the glossy wild cherry. A glossy mahogany finish will suit the more traditionally furnished room.

Christophe Cabasse, marketing and sales director commented, “The Murano was developed to bring the technology and sound performance of the flagship models to consumers wanting a more compact and smaller cabinet.” He concludes, “The Murano’s reproduction totally belies the size of the cabinet and with its range of stunning finishes is sure to fit comfortably into any environment where size if key but performance mustn’t be compromised”.

Learn more about Murano by clicking HERE

Information on the entire Cabasse range is available HERE