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Russound HighRes black

US Style J-Boxes & Rough-In Boxes

Russound being an all American class leader of audio electronics, inevitably has a format that is inherently US in focus.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many positive things can be derived of the slightly 'larger' and more 'encompassing' fit and feel of US style electronics. The key often here is real-estate with larger more intuitive interfaces or better connectivity with increased capacity for audio visual connectivity.

Yes, sometimes it is a bit 'foreign' but don't panic we carry both surface mount US J'-Boxes' and also in-wall (first fix or rough-in) boxes, that enable you to start or complete a project where the US form factor is specified or required.Plus, as we have handled a few US based manufacturers over the years we are pretty comfortable with helping you find the right kind of products and finishes for your Russound installations.

Plus, if you are fitting additional home control products - such as lighting controls etc. then great - we have all the first fix and second fix items that will help you get the installation off to a flying start - and a stunning finish. So whether it be 1 gang, 2 gang or multiple gang boxes - with Russound's first fix accessories we should be able to help.

Remember; although you can buy system kits with wall-boxes included - if you need to buy them individually you'll know that by using Russound accessories you will guarantee having the right fit and feel for all installations - big or small. 

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US Style J-Boxes/Rough-In Boxes

Russound S1-18-W - 1 Gang US 'J-Box' For 'New & Retrofit' Construction

1 Gang US 'J-Box' For 'New & Retrofit'...

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Russound S2-32-W - 2 Gang US 'J-Box' For 'New & Retrofit' Construction

2 Gang US 'J-Box' For 'New & Retrofit'...

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