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Euroscreen® Frame Vision - Fixed Projection Screen

Euroscreen® Frame Vision - Fixed Projection Screen (1.8m - 5.2m).

The Frame Vision is Euroscreen’s largest permanently tensioned projection screen; available up to 420 cm width. The surface is stretched on the reverse of the 10 cm wide black aluminium frame which provides an attractive and powerful black framework to the projected image. The Vel-Tex® option is highly recommended to obtain an even greater viewing experience. The frame puts equal tension on each part of the viewing surface and the flexible screen surface can be adjusted into three different channels to ensure optimal flatness. The frame profiles are easily assembled and easy-mounted wall brackets are included for a trouble- free installation onto the wall.

The Vel-Tex® option is a true black, velvety textile covering on all of the frame parts. Not only does the Vel-Tex® give the screen a more luxurious impression and conceals all trace of joints in the frame; it is also more forgiving to any incorrect adjustment of the projected image since every small edge of the images beyond the inner frames are visually absorbed by the Vel-Tex®. At the same time it helps to cut reflection from surroundings lights.

NOTE: The product lisitings are for guideline purposes only. Please contact us directly for any orders and specifications for Euroscreen - as due to the customisable nature of the product lines, they cannot all be listed.

Frame Vision - Fixed Projection Screen - Features & Specifications:

  • Screen surfaces: FlexGrey, FlexPerf, FlexRear, FlexWhite & ReAct 3.0
  • 10 cm wide black aluminium frame
  • Perfectly flat viewing surface
  • Easy to assemble frame parts
  • Screen surface attaches to the frame without snaps or tools
  • Easily mounted wall brackets included
  • Veltex enhanced option:
    - Black, velvety textile covering
    - Provides a luxurious impression
    - Conceals all trace of joints in the frame
    - Incorrect adjustment visually absorbed
    - Reduces reflection from surroundings lights
  • Available in sizes 1.8m - 5.2m

Frame Vision - Fixed Projection Screen - Resources & Downloads: