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Free Standing H-PAS Speakers & Processors

A cornerstone of Atlantic Technology’s mission is to introduce products embodying innovative technology that serves the needs of its customers. Every once in a great while, a truly ground-breaking technology comes along that allows us to exceed all of these goals at once. H-PAS is that kind of technological breakthrough.

H-PAS stands for Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System. It combines elements of several speaker technologies—acoustic suspension, bass reflex, inverse horn, and transmission line—in an exceptionally unique and innovative fashion to produce bass that absolutely breaks what was previously thought to be the “Iron Law” of loudspeaker acoustics: the notion that you couldn’t have deep bass extension, good system sensitivity, and reasonable enclosure size all in one design. “Pick any two at the expense of the third,” went the old cliché.

In short, H-PAS technology provides greater extended low frequency range, and/or greater output, with increased dynamic range and impact at those extended low frequencies. It can be scaled to fit many size cabinets, small to large. Higher SPL’s are inherent to the design, as is low distortion, which in turn negates any requirement for costly high-power amplification.

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Free Standing H-PAS Speakers & Processors

Atlantic Technology PB-235-BT Active Soundbar

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