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All New Russound Speaker Models Now Shipping!

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Connected Distribution announces the launch of five new Russound CI loudspeakers, including two single point stereo variants, enhancing the options available to installers and advancing sound quality, performance, aesthetics and ease of installation.

Joining the existing Russound speaker line up are the IC-605, IC-830, IW-630, IC-620T and IC-820T. Each model benefits from over 50 years’ experience in audio design and enhances the existing very popular IC Series. The IC-605 is a contractor grade speaker, its two-way design incorporates features normally found on much more expensive speakers, from the inverted parabolic surround, to critical mid-range and higher frequency reproduction. Its pin cushion EasyGrip™ tweeter bridge has been specifically designed to be held in one hand to aid installation.

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The IC-830 is the new top-of-the-line in-ceiling speaker, perfect for critical listening areas and home theatre installations. It includes a +/- 3dB tweeter adjustment switch to adjust for the room's acoustic characteristics and has been developed to produce intelligent highs and deep rich low frequencies. Using advanced materials, from the 25mm pivoting titanium tweeter to the 200mm injection-moulded polypropylene cone with vapour-deposited titanium, the IC-830's performance will impress clients for years of enjoyment.

Using the same cone and tweeter technology, the IW-630 is a two-way in-wall design, which tonally matches the IC-830 and existing smaller IC-630 model. It is perfect for use as the LCR and surround channels in a Dolby Atmos system with the in-ceiling variants taking on the height channel duties.

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The IC-620T and IC-820T are enhanced single-point stereo speakers designed for spaces where stereo speaker placement is difficult or impractical. They are a step up from the established IC-610T and perfect for hallways, small rooms, walk-in wardrobes, etc. With separate inputs for both the left and right audio channels, dual tweeters and a dual voice-coil woofer, these speakers are easy to install and connect, and are an excellent option for improving sound quality without needing to install multiple stereo speakers. 

IC 620T front rear

With the installer very much in mind, each of the new models, apart from the IC-605, is equipped with the proprietary SwiftLock™ tool-less installation system which has become a hit with the IC Series. With the simple press of a button at each of the three mounting dog legs, the new IC-620T, IC-820T, IC-830 and IW-630 (with four dog legs) will instantly and firmly clamp into place, with no screwdriver or drill needed. SwiftLock sees an end to the over-tightened or under-tightened fixing, just a clean and quick install with the dog legs precisely adjusted and spring-tensioned automatically to clamp firmly to the ceiling or wall.

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The IC Series uses the same hole cut out sizes and most importantly, uses the same new construction brackets as Russound’s previous range.  Because of that, transitioning to the new speakers for long-lead time installs that have been planned around any of the previous models, is quick and easy, and upgrading any existing jobs with the new models is a simple drop-in using the same cut out or bracket.

Aesthetically, each model has been upgraded to feature new bezel-less NanoPerf™ grilles that are finished in a paintable brilliant white and are available in round or square profiles. The in-wall speakers are also supplied with the same NanoPerf grilles for matched installations.

Mike Bonnette, Connected Distribution’s product director, says, “Russound has once again come up with a range of very well thought out speakers. The IC Series, from the entry level IC-605 to the flagship IC-830, provides a speaker for virtually every situation and benefits from the ability to mix and match while retaining tonal integrity. And the ease of fixing them in place using the SwiftLock system is a real plus point, saving time and the hassle of juggling speakers, drills and screwdrivers while at the top of a ladder!”

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