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The Pearl from Cabasse - a new jewel in the acoustic streaming crown


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Connected Distribution, exclusive UK distributor of Cabasse, the iconic French loudspeaker brand, announces the launch of The Pearl, an active, high-definition connected speaker, that concentrates all the expertise and technology from the legendary La Sphère into a compact form.

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After three years extensive research and development, its refined and powerful design presents ultra-pure acoustics, faithful to brand signature sound, and perfect reproduction of music. The Pearl has the “je ne sais quoi” that appeals to the most demanding music lovers looking to acquire a compact and wireless speaker, without compromising on acoustic quality.

In keeping with the familiar Cabasse aesthetic, The Pearl’s spherical shape is ideal for spatial coherence and also plays the seduction card with its decorative jewel-like casing that evokes both gentleness and power. Manufactured and finished to the highest standards, the materials chosen for its construction help channel the performance. No fewer than six layers of lacquer were necessary to obtain the best possible finish on the reinforced double-shell cabinets, in either metallic black with pure chromium rings, or pearl white with silver rings. 

As the inventor of coaxial technology, which has forged the reputation of the brand for decades, Cabasse has succeeded in a new technological feat with The Pearl: develop and integrate into a much smaller volume (32cm for The Pearl,compared to 130cm in height for La Sphère), the first compact triaxial loudspeaker. Its brand new 25cm bass driver has a linear excursion of more than 30mm, offering an exceptional level of rich bass, and is coupled with the coaxial midrange and tweeter in Cabasse patented carbon. Exceptional power handling and a wide smooth frequency response from 14Hz to 27kHz, without directivity issues, coloration or distortion, makes it possible to free the music from technical constraints, leaving only the essence of the performance. 

With the sound output equivalent to that of a Formula 1 car (118dB) from its 1600W RMS (3200W peak) amplifiers and Cabasse acoustic expertise, The Pearl successfully reproduces all the purity of sound. For the perfect and fully immersive experience the Cabasse engineers have equipped The Pearl with an automatic calibration system (CRCS) that takes full advantage of the integrated microphone and Cabasse patented technology from the flagship La Sphère.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

For an even more exceptional sound, it is possible to link two Pearl speakers through a simple direct Wi-Fi connection, without then need for an additional box or hub, making it possible to listen to digital audio sources in stereo with unrivaled performance. Connectivity options also permit the use of external sources such as a television, CD player, or even a turntable/phono stage combination via the optical and analogue inputs. Easy to add to any interior decor, thanks to the versatile stands or wall brackets, two Pearls present the music and movies with the precision of a high-end stereo audio system.

The Pearl, with its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, integrates seamlessly within the Cabasse StreamCONTROL multi-room system and supports MP3, AAC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC and ALAC files including 24bit/192kHz high definition, whether they are stored on USB connected hard disks, networks or computers, internet radio or online music services (Spotify, Qobuz, Napster, Deezer, Tidal). The Pearl is compatible with the Google Assistant and soon Amazon Alexa and permits streaming anywhere in the home of any source connected to the speaker, as well as phones or tablets connected via Bluetooth.

For simplified use, The Pearl is also supplied with a remote control with the same refined finishes and clean, ergonomic design. The Bluetooth connected remote can easily control The Pearl’s volume by rotating the ring, and select the choice of input, operate play and pause and selection of a favourite radio station or music track from the presets.