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Russound KT2-88i-SPK-KT 'Double Warranty' Speaker System Kit

C-Series KT2-88i System Kit with Keypads, Russound Speakers & Power Amplifiers - RCI Double Warranty Exclusive

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Special RCI 'Double Warranty' 8 Zone 8 Source Network Controller Amplifier package featuring: 1 x MCA-88i, 8 x MDK-C6, 2 x D250LS, 8 x RSF-610 & Accessories.

SRP: £8300.00 (Inclusive of VAT @ 20%).

Russound Advanced 8 Zone 8 Source Network Controller/Amplifier/Matrix kit with 8 x MDK-C6 Keypads, 2 x D250LS Amplifiers, 8 x RSF-610 (Prs) In-ceiling speakers & Accessories.

The Russound MCA-88i Digital multi-zone controller amplifier provides up to eight zones of distributed audio. Scalable to 48 zones, the MCA-88i provides numerous options to tailor every room in residential or light commercial distributed audio systems. A variety of input options have been engineered into the MCA-88i to connect up to 8 sources.

AV source input options include 8 Analogue & 3 Digital (up to 3 coax, or 2 coax and 1 optical - maximum of 8 total inputs used at once). With it's digital inputs, the MCA-88i also benefits hugely from Russound's audio 'know-how' as it features three audiophile quality DACs that support high resolution audio up to 24 bit/192kHz.These digital inputs can be perfectly utilised with Russound XSource streamers to extract the best possible audio quality form any source material (hi-res or not).

The MCA-88i also has a designated Bluetooth extender connection. The Bluetooth connection allows the installation of the MCA-88i in an equipment rack while remotely locating the optional Russound BTC-1X Bluetooth receiver up to 300’ away in or near the room where the Bluetooth source will be located. Additionally, the BTC-1X improves audio quality through the high performance aptX audio codec. Additionally; an RNET link allows for metadata transmission, linking multiple MCA controllers and connection to all Russound RNET Smart Sources like the ST1 AM/FM external tuner, and also HD video integration with devices such as the Myro:Bridge.

All MCA products are Ethernet enabled devices allowing for IP based features and control. RIO (Russound I/O) allows Russound IP based control systems to integrate with, control, and communicate bi-directionally through an open protocol. In addition to dedicated keypads and touchscreen control options, the free My Russound App (iOS and Android) controls all Russound Ethernet connected products on the LAN including the MCA-88i and its source components. Additionally, an RS-232 port for integration with serial-connected home automation systems is available for utilization on the rear panel of the MCA-88i.

The MCA-88i features 6 zones of high quality amplification, providing 40 watts of power per channel. All zones also feature useful fixed or variable line-level outputs, and as such Zones 7 and 8 are for use with outboard amplification only. This system kit completes the requirement for all eight zones with the inclusion of Russound's compact but powerful D250LS amplifiers. This means that zones 7 & 8 are perfect for larger areas in a project that maybe require a bit more power than zones 1 through 6.

Advanced custom audio settings, party modes, do not disturb, source and zone linking, and all-on/all-off participation are all standard features. The MCA-88i has alarm and sleep timers, a Home Theater trigger and one 12VDC trigger output for power management and control. Being a 'controller' you can learn in IR codes of all your infra red sources (Sky Boxes, Freeview Boxes or DAB Radios for instance), so alongside your streaming control of Russound XSources' the Russound MCA-88i can control all of your additional source devices too - via keypad, remote or via App!

The MDK-C6 also features a flexible IR option with an auxiliary input, plus allow for zonal adjustable brightness, volume, bass, treble, and balance. and also control, party mode, all off/on, and alarm and sleep timer. All the MDK-C6 needs is an RJ-45 connection, home run back to the C-Series multi-zone controller amplifier.

So even when you have the pleasure and ease of using the My Russound App for control, the MDK-C6 now adds a touch of class to hard-wired control also. The MDK-C6 is supplied in white with the KT2-66i kit, but multiple alternate finishes can be bought.The MDK-C6 requires fitment into a US style 2 gang J-box.

Also included within the kit is the Russound USRC. It is designed to operate source devices and all Russound controllers/keypads. It has an inbuilt IR code library for numerous other devices and sources meaning that it can be used for almost everything you have attached to your Russound system (or not!). Full learning capability - so you can learn in codes (if not already supported) from exisitng 'un-supported' devices original remote controls (simple point to point set-up).

As you'd expect this system is optimised with the inclusion of Russound's popular and versatile RSF-610 in-ceiling speakers, and when paired with the RSF-610's (a pair per zone/keypad) you will also double the warranty on the complete system. So not only will you have the sonic benefits of using a Russound solution from point to point, you and your customer can benefit from extra piece of mind too!

Like all Russound speakers, the RSF-610's speakers combine premium acoustic materials, with our most advanced drivers to deliver exceptional performance in every application. Russound Acclaim Edgeless speakers feature high quality drivers, sophisticated crossover networks, and advanced designs to ensure optimum reproduction in your home, no matter what the source material may be. The RSF-610's have also been cleverly designed and optimised to enable a very wide dispersion pattern, making them fantastic for multi-room applications where you really want good stereo coverage.

The RSF-610's are a Two-way in-ceiling/in-wall stereo pair featuring a 6.5" polypropylene cone driver with a movable/pivoting PEI tweeter. The RSF-610's feature a fixed, flat driver position but also have a high quality pivoting tweeter assembly in it's two-way design. This enables focused bass and mid-range dispersion, but with high frequency flexibility. The speakers are finished off with new ultra low profile trim-less bezel that magnetically attaches to the speaker, making the installed speaker blend into the ceiling, for an ultra clean and uncluttered finish.

This kit is a popular choice as it saves money on buying components separately.

Note: The MCA-88i is part of the Russound Certified Installer Required Program and can only be installed and configured by a Russound Certified Installer.

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