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neo: P8-PDU8 - 8 Port Power Management Unit

neo: P8-PDU8 - 8 Port Power Management Unit

Source device crashed? Not at site? Reboot devices remotely from your phone or even let your client fix problems themselves. The new neo: P8-PDU8 connects seamlessly with neo Matrixes for zero config deployment.

The neo:PDU system is designed to take the worry of unstable source devices out of the equation when implementing a custom install project. The neo:PDU is not a PDU in the traditional sense, it is designed to be paired with a neo:4 Professional or neo:8 Modular matrix system. All management of the PDU is done through the matrix or via the cloud monitoring portal.

This simplified setup removes the need to spend countless hours defining APIs for a control system to hook into, creating VPNs or other advanced network solutions just to give you the installer the power the to remotely reboot a source device that has crashed.

Each neo:PDU automatically negotiates a connection to the cloud monitoring portal via the locally connected neo matrix. You don’t need to do anything else. Once connected you can reboot source devices by simply clicking a button next to each source device in the web app inside the matrix. What’s more this capability is available to your client to safely use without having to worry that they will cause more harm than good.

The neo:PDU is the most convenient, most reliable and most cost effective way to ensure that you and your client will get 100% up time of their installation and saving you from expensive and frustrating site visits to remote a power cable and reinsert.

Pulse-Eight neo: PDU8 - 8 Port Power Management Unit  - Features & Benefits:

Remote power cycling for sources
Remote power monitoring for sources
Remote power management for sources
works for neo:4 Professional or neo:8 Modular matrix systems
Simplified mains power connections for neater & smarter installations
Simplified web-based access (no 3rd party products required), works through the monitoring portal & the neo: 'gotomymatrix' interface

Pulse-Eight neo: PDU8 - 8 Port Power Management Unit - Specifications:

Full specifications to follow

Pulse-Eight neo: PDU8 - 8 Port Power Management Unit - Resources & Downloads:

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