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Parasound ZM4DAX & ZM450 & Cabasse Archipel 17ICD - 4 Zone CI Package

1 x ZM4DAX 192kHz/24bit DAC/Crossover, 2 x ZM450 Power Amplifiers & 4 x Archipel 17ICD In-Ceiling Speakers - High Fidelity CI Package
Exclusive Connected Distribution Parasound 4 Zone Audio Package with Cabasse In-Ceiling Speakers:

The ZoneMaster® 4 DAX is the first four-zone, four-source single chassis DAC with integrated crossovers, mono outputs and subwoofer connectivity. The innovative design allows custom installers to upgrade their digital sound quality and add speaker flexibility when creating multi-zone systems based around Streaming Audio Solutions. Since most streaming devices have their own digital volume control, the 4 DAX eliminates the need for additional preamps or house audio controllers.

The 4 DAX achieves superior audio performance by using four premium 192kHz/24bit ESS Sabre DACs and four Parasound-designed analog crossovers. Each of the four zones’ analogue outputs include full-range stereo, high-pass stereo, full-range mono, high-pass mono and low-pass mono/subwoofer.

Each zone includes optical and coax inputs, level adjustments for left and right channels as well as its own 12V output for triggering additional equipment such as amplifiers and cooling equipment. Parasound's ZoneMaster line of multi-zone amplifiers has independent trigger inputs for each zone making them a perfect companion to the ZoneMaster 4 DAX.

Previously, installers would have needed four separate DACs and four crossovers in four separate chassis, taking up precious rack space and making integration with subwoofers and bass limited speakers overly complicated.

To add in appropriate amplification for the ZM4DAX, the natural partner for many reasons would be some Parasound power amplifiers. If real estate (rack space) is tight, then the perfect solution is to couple the ZM4DAX with 2 Parasound ZoneMaster® ZM450 power amplifiers.

The Parasound ZM450 is a high fidelity 'Universal' 4 Channel 8 Speaker power amplifier, for custom installation projects where audio quality is paramount. In other words it is a high quality dedicated 2 zone amplifier in one small and compact chassis.

As you would expect with Parasound the ZM450 is quite different as you would expect, it combines legendary Parasound Class AB sound quality with the most reliable Class D power modules in the industry. Despite it's demure footprint the ZM450 can output 50 watts RMS x 4 @ 8Ω, with all channels driven, and for higher impedance loads it will even output up to 90 watts RMS into x 4 @ 4Ω & 2Ω loads, all channels driven.

Each zone can be set to work for standard stereo applications. However; the provision of a mono mode (stereo mix down to mono), means that it can be used highly effectively in corridors or semi commercial installations where stereo imaging is not beneficial - but where reliability and sonics still are.

To finish the package, this system solution includes four pairs of Cabasse Archipel 17ICD in-ceiling speakers. The Cabasse Archipel range of in-ceiling loudspeakers are designed for perfect integration with no performance compromises. Ideal for larger areas that naturally require a 6.5" driver, the Archipel 17ICD's are a must for zones where that extra level of performance is required.

This 2-way co-axial model, Archipel 17ICD, hides a high-end co-axial unit with a Duocell membrane for the woofer and a Kaladex semi-rigid dome for the pivoting tweeter. This combination of Cabasse proprietary solutions, responsible for the success of the iO2 satellite, is now available in this full range in-ceiling speaker. These superior quality components working in tandem with their unique Cabasse design features, enable the Archipel 17ICD to have a really detailed response, that boasts great neutrality and tonal balance.

The Archipel 17ICD is the top of the range in-ceiling speaker from Cabasse, and despite its rather uncomplex aesthetic - it delivers an unparalled acoustic experience that many high end in-ceilings simply lack. The Archipel 17ICD's come supplied with two sets of grilles : one round and one square, both with magnetic link fastening. One quality of sound, two aesthetic options.

This small but incredibly flexible and high quality package is a simple but sophisticated 'out of the box' 4 zone audio system. It will save time and money on any project - and ensure you have the best result for deploying audio distribution into a multitude of applications.

Parasound ZM 4 DAX - Four Zone 192kHz/24bit DAC & Crossover - Features & Benefits:

Four Independent DACs in a single chassis
High and low pass stereo and mono/subwoofer outputs for each zone
12V trigger output for each zone
Level controls for all channels
192kHz/24bit ESS Sabre DACs with Hyperstream™ jitter eliminator
3 Volt high gain outputs
Optical and coaxial digital inputs
Indicators for digital input signal lock and analogue audio output

Parasound ZoneMaster ZM450 - Universal 4 Channel 8 Speaker Amplifier - Features & Benefits:

Universal amplifier for applications from 50 to 200 watts
4 speaker connections (4 Way Phoenix Connectors - 1 Per Zone)
High current for stable operation at 2 Ohms
Channel pairs are bridgeable for up to 200 watts @ 4 Ohms
Class AB input stage plus premium Class D power stage
Independent audio sensing triggers, one for each zone
2 Independent 12 volt trigger inputs, one for each zone
Looping 12 volt trigger outputs for each zone
Master 12 volt trigger input to turn all zones on-off
Speaker level input for expanding systems w/out pre out jacks
Bus loop output jacks for passing audio to another amp
Mono mode combines L and R for single speaker applications
Separate level controls for all four channels
Detachable speaker connectors accept up to 12 gauge wire
Short circuit and overheat protection with front panel indicators
Compact 1u, 1/2 width chassis size
Rack mount kit sold separately (click to view)
0.9 watt standby power consumption meets Energy Star & EU specs
Rack mount kit sold separately

Cabasse Archipel 17ICD - Two Way Performance In-Ceiling Speaker - Specifications:

Drivers: 1 x DOM25 pivoting tweeter - Kaladex® dome & 1 x 17M20 IC midrange-woofer - Duocell diaphragm
Cross-over point: 2,600 Hz
Frequency response: 58 Hz - 22,000 Hz
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m: 87.5 dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Power handling: 40 W
Peak power: 320 W
Cut out: 197mm
Standard finish: white (paintable grill)

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