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Heed Audio Thesis Phi - Dual MC & MM Phono Stage

Premium Dual Phono Stage/Pre-Amplifier (Independent MC & Independent MM)

The Thesis φ (phi) is a no-compromise phono preamplifier for all vinyl connoisseurs using a top-class turntable. Just like the α preamp, it is also fed by the thesis π (pi) twin PSU. By using two independent – MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) – amplifier circuits, it is possible to use two record players connected simultaneously. Cartridge matching is highly customisable for gain and impedance on the rear panel of the unit by jumpers. Noise characteristics, dynamic range, headroom and frequency response of the thesis φ are second to none.

Paired perfectly for the Thesis α (alpha) preamplifier, the Thesis φ (phi) has been lovingly crafted internally by the craftsman at Heed as one can see from the features above, but it is immaculate in conception in the flesh too. The casing is finished to the highest standard with the smoothest of black powder coated finishes and discrete wrapped sides. The extruded aluminium fascia fits onto the casing supremely and the front panel is gently black lit with white light, illuminating the name subtlety.

The rear of the unit has dual unbalanced input connections (with high and low output terminals) for each 'stage' that are balanced appropriately in a measured fashion, with adjustable MC gain and impedance selectors. Clearly defined and partitioned in black and white like the salient points of the most measured and well reasoned arguments. Simple, austere and beautiful the Thesis φ (phi) phono stage is a pure labour of love, designed without compromise and propelled by an unshakeable desire to extract absolute purity from any analogue recording.

Available in a black casing with aluminium fascia.

Heed Audio Thesis Phi: MM/MC Phono Stage/Pre-Amplifier - Features & Benefits:

Totally separated MM and MC stage (simultaneous work)
Adjustable MC gain and impedance
Discrete bipolar transistor architecture
Exceptional noise figure
High quality casing and fascia
Heed Audio Thesis Phi: MM/MC Phono Stage/Pre-Amplifier - Specifications:
Inputs: 1x MM / 1x MC
Outputs: 1x MM 50 Ω / 1x MM 600 Ω / 1x MC 50 Ω / 1x MC 600 Ω
Gain (MC): 44 / 50 / 56 / 62 / 68 / 74 dB
Gain (MM): 33 / 48 dB
Input impedance (MC): 100 / 220 / 470 / 1000 Ω
Input impedance (MM): 47 kΩ / 150 pF
Noise floor: -90 dBV (MC) / -84 dBV (MM)
Power supply options: Thesis Pi
Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.5 x 7.5 x 22 cm

Heed Audio Thesis Phi: MM/MC Phono Stage/Pre-Amplifier - Resources & Downloads:

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