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Heed Audio Thesis Omega - Mono Power Amplifier

Premium RC-coupled Monobloc Power Amplifier

The Thesis ω (omega) monobloc power amplifier is an RC-coupled device in true Heed fashion that drives loudspeakers in a similar way to valve power amplifiers, but without their inherent problems related to the vacuum tube. Despite certain topological similarities to its valve counterparts, the Thesis ω is best described as a quintessentially solid-state power amp that successfully gets around the often sterile, lifeless sound of most solid-state devices. Heed believe that connecting amplifiers to speakers by RC-coupling instead of the prevalent DC-coupling results in a much more natural, less “cropped” decay of tones. Freed from all containments, they could achieve a no-compromise implementation of the Transcap topology in the Thesis ω.

With its very generously sized power supply, unlike valve amplifiers, it is also extremely stable even into the most difficult loads – continuous power delivery up to 160W or capability of driving loads down to 1.6 Ohm speak for themselves. It is capable of driving all kind of sensible speakers. In short, the thesis ω power amplifier epitomises an almost alchemical synergy of solid-state stability and the finesse and “live” magic usually achieved only by 300B triodes in valve amplification.

When you own a Heed amplifier you meet technology that you most probably have never seen in action before. Like the almost forgotten (and then reincarnated) valve technology, the output capacitor transistor amplifiers can normally only be found in the deepest recesses of engineers drawers. The technical difficulties of RC-Coupling means almost 100% of todays manufacturers opt for the easier direct-coupled solutions instead. With great effort and countless development hours there is a way to employ an up to date and sonically better sounding RC-Coupled amplifier. Heed have chosen this way.

Like the belt of a great turntable or the output transformer of a valve amplifier, the output capacitor makes for a great decoupling between the amp and the speaker. But the main advantage is the fact that a capacitor is an energy storage device. By design, this capacitor connects directly onto the speaker, with no in-between elements. Power delivery becomes rapid and precise. To charge this power element, Heed use a push-pull complementary Darlington transistor drive stage.

This power transforming system needs to be perfectly balanced. The heart of Heed's Transcap technology lies in the precise adjustment of all the charge transmitting and current delivery channels. This propels all the common amplifier components; mains transformer, power supply, voltage and power amplifier stages, into something radically different. You may see now, this is no ordinary amp and it cannot be measured by common standards. Heed by using these methods, enable the amplifier sound to become thick, warm, yet clear and life-like, as it properly translates the electronic signal into the acoustic world.

Paired perfectly for the Thesis α (alpha) preamplifier, the Thesis ω (omega) monobloc power amplifier has been lovingly crafted internally by the craftsman at Heed as one can see from the features above, but it is immaculate in conception in the flesh too. The casing is finished to the highest standard with the smoothest of black powder coated finishes and discrete wrapped sides. The extruded aluminium fascia fits onto the casing supremely and the front panel is gently black lit with white light, illuminating the name subtlety.

The rear of the unit has high quality speaker and unbalanced connections that are balanced appropriately in a measured fashion. Clearly defined and partitioned in black and white like the salient points of the most measured and well reasoned arguments.  The Thesis ω (omega) monobloc amplifier is driven by power, precision and fidelity - it is a modern classic of innovative amplification that will put you back in love with your most cherished recordings.

Available in a black casing with aluminium fascia.

Heed Audio Thesis Omega: Monobloc Power Amplifier - Features & Benefits:

Transcap – output capacitor technology for unique musical abilities
Massive power delivery up to 160 Watts
Excellent impedance handling down to 1.6 Ohms
Oversized components and solid design for reliability
High quality casing and fascia
Heed Audio Thesis Omega: Monobloc Power Amplifier - Specifications:
Inputs: 1x line input
Outputs: 2x mono speaker / 1x line output
Power (max): 160 W
Load impedance (min): 1.6 Ω
Max. consumption: 350 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 32.5 cm

Heed Audio Thesis Omega: Monobloc Power Amplifier - Resources & Downloads:

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