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Heed Audio Thesis Delta 2.4 - Digital CD Transport

Premium Digital Audio Transport (Compact Disc Audio Transport) with DAC Card

The Thesis Δ (Delta) is a new dedicated compact disc audio transport, reading both conventional and HDCDs, and outputting flawless digital data to any high quality Digital-to-Analogue processor.

Heed have designed the Thesis Delta to be one of the best optical disc players available. Its uncompromising technical approach makes it well suited for partnering with the outstanding Thesis Alpha pre-amplifier.

With its sturdy mechanism and cleverly tuned internal suspension system, the readout of the digital data is exceptionally precise. From the separated power supplies to the high speed processor, every segment is working together to keep this digitally coded music perfectly healthy. Without a DAC module, the delta is a transport with many digital outputs. Extending its possibilities with a converter board, the delta integrated CD player offers astonishing analogue quality, and truly enchanting musical experience.

This Thesis Delta has the addition of their outstanding DAC 2.3 card (and a change in output stage), so is a fully fledged CD player ready for simpler integration into any system. The Thesis Delta will enable you to grounded musically in whichever shape you choose to use. In true Heed fashion, and in particualr with the Thesis line - it is a thing laid down for the purest and most faithful reasons - musical pleasure.

Available in a black casing with aluminium fascia (and controls).

Heed Audio Thesis Delta 2.4: CD Transport - Features & Benefits:

  • Heed Audio 2.4 Dactil Card Fitted
  • Standard Gold Plated Stereo RCA Outputs
  • Metal tray loader
  • Fully remote controllable
  • Max. consumption: 15 W
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 32.5 cm

Heed Audio Thesis Delta 2.3: CD Transport - Resources & Downloads:

  • Heed Audio Thesis Delta Owners Manual