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Cabasse stereo loudspeaker systems: two designs, one sound

Spherical, rectangular, traditional or design, with a subwoofer or without, all our stereo systems benefit from the same technologies and the same development protocols.

Cabasse design the drive units, the crossovers and the cabinets, with the natural reproduction of music, as close as possible to the sound produced by the musicians and their instruments, constantly on our minds.

The technical testing and measurements carried out at every development stage from the first prototype to production samples are double checked by critical listening.

The final approval for launch is given by the listening committee and guarantees the Cabasse signature, whatever design and model you choose.

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Stereo Hi-Fi

Cabasse Surf - Full Range Bookshelf Loudspeaker - Gloss White

Full Range 2-Way Bookshelf Stand-mount...

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