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Cabasse Eole 4 - Two Way Speaker on Magnetic Base (Black)

Directional Coaxial Two Way 'Satellite' Loud Speaker (with Base) in Gloss Black - EACH.

Cabasse's award winning Eole 3 was a firm favourite of audio enthusiasts, and it’s successor the Eole4 is more than likely to do the same!

The Eole4 is a free standing bookshelf and on-wall mounted satellite speaker for home cinema use or stereo reproduction. With a new design for improved an aesthetic and acoustical integration, the Eole4 features all the acoustical qualities of any Cabasse satellite: efficiency, power handling, transparency and stability of the sound stage.

The Eole4 has also been harmonised with the newer range of Cabasse products (like the charming and seductive SWELL Bluetooth speaker) with deft aesthetic changes. The stylish addition of chrome alongside the white or black finishes adds an extra hint of sophistication to pair with the embellished remodelled grille and magnetic mount/base. So; not only will the Eole4 charm you with its sonic ability and acoustic dexterity, it will seduce you with its delicate style and finesse.

The Eole4 spherical satellite are only 13 cm in diameter, and can swivel in every direction thanks to a magnetic base they come supplied with. The Eole4 like most Cabasse satellites took advantage of many aspects of the research investments made in developing La Sphère, the Cabasse 4-way coaxial reference speaker.

 The Eole4 can deliver that signature Cabasse sound despite their demure stature, which is refined and naturally engaging. The speakers boast incredible efficiency which helps them get the best from any amplifier driving them for that audio immersion that everyone wants.

Like their larger stable-mates the iO2's, these charmingly designed speakers will, when part of a 5.1 surround system or a 2.1 stereo system, give huge enjoyment and engagement sonically - no matter what the source material will be. So the Eole4 will sound amazing with opera, jazz festival, rock concert, or movies.

The Eole4 (with base) is sold individually.

Cabasse Eole4 - Two Way Bookshelf/On-Wall Satellite Speaker - Specifications:

Use: Bookshelf / on wall / on stand
Way: 2 (co-axial)
Drivers: Tweeter: 29 mm soft dome, Midrange-woofer: 10 cm P2C
Cross-over frequency: 4000 Hz
Bandwidth: 150 - 22,000 Hz
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m: 90 dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum impedance: 4 ohms
Power handling: 70 W
Peak power handling: 490 W
Magnetic shielding: Yes
Dimensions (h x w x d): Ø 130 mm / Ø 5.1 in
Weight: 1.4 kg
Finish: Glossy Black & Glossy White

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