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The Cabasse Reference series are the quintessence of the purest of audio concepts, put into practice without limitations.

Two premier systems form the synergy and shape of things to come. With La Sphère and L’Océan, Cabasse have inspired their complete range for a universally holistic approach for the best possible reproduction of sound.

The Cabasse La Sphère and L’Océan transcend the boundaries of what is generally conceived to be conventional, but yet embody a symbiotic but unnervingly natural acoustical dimension, physicality and sonic aesthetic that is of this world. The impossible has been made possible, and these two systems represent Cabasse's synthesis of what can be achieved: The first full range systems behaving like a true point source.

60 years of innovations in acoustics, mechanics, electronics and digital techniques was their conduit to the development of a unique system, so sophisticated and so simple at the same time. Simple in its set up and the fine automatic tuning, sophisticated in the digital processing of the signal from the source to the listening point.

Behold musical masterpieces.


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Cabasse Reference

Cabasse L'Ocean - 4-Way Active Co-Axial Speaker System

Cabasse L'Ocean - 4-Way Active Co-Axial...

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Cabasse La Sphère - Reference 4-Way Active Co-Axial Speaker System

Cabasse La Sphère - Reference 4-Way...

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Cabasse Pearl - High Definition Active Speaker/Streamer

Cabasse Reference - Elegant, Stylish &...

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