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Atlantic Technology 6200eLR PED Pedestal Stands for 6200eLR

6200e PED Pedestal Stand for 6200eLR

Although the 6200e LR's can be wall mounted, they can be complimented perfectly with Atlantic Technology's optional sand-fillable pedestal stands.

These elegant and very sturdy stands raise the 6200e LR's to the optimum listening height, so they are perfect for any home cinema application that requires draw-dropping front channel (or rear surround for matter!) performance - but at the same times requires elegant placement.

They come complete with tapered spikes and also rubber feet for deft placement on a multitude of surfaces. They also feature internal cable routing for discrete speaker cable dressing, and the stands can be effectively filled with sand for secure placement to optimise performance and isolation.

The 6200e PED's are finished to match the 6200e LR's as they are finished in the same high quality satin black finish.

Sold individually.

Atlantic Technology 6200e LR PED Stand Specifications

Type: Front LR Pedestal Stand
Dimensions: 232 x 608 x 292mm (W x H x D)
Weight (each): 15.9 kg
Finish: Satin Black

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