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Cabasse Baltic 4 - Three Way Satellite Speaker On Stand

Superior Coaxial Three Way Satellite Loud Speaker on Stand

Standing elegantly on a range of highly desirable wooden veneer finishes, the Baltic 4 is the pinnacle of Cabasse's acclaimed 'Baltic' line, and this particular speaker is the beautiful stand mounted option. As such it becomes a very desirable speaker for higher end stereo (2.1), and is sold as a pair to entertain such thought. Although it can of course be combined with Cabasse's Baltic 2.1 with Santorin 30-500 sub-woofer and a base mounted single unit to form a front LCR  within a multi-channel scenario also.

Sharing with the active references La Sphère and l’Océan, the exclusive three-way co-axial driver TC23, Baltic is a one of kind loudspeaker, available in three versions: on stand, on wall, on base. Easy to place in any type of room, the Baltic 4, when combined with the Santorin 30-500 sub-woofer, offers all the qualities expected from a large traditional high end loudspeaker system - but with a little more, with a truly realistic deep, wide sound-stage and natural rhythmic bass extension.

With it’s unique 3-way coaxial driver mounted in a sphere for a perfectly controlled and homogeneous diffusion, it’s definition and dynamic range are comparable to the most sophisticated systems available. The realism and 3D sound-stage are exclusive to speakers designed using Cabasse Spatially Coherent System principles. Only an evolution of the Baltic and the launch of the TC23 can surpass this long established reference.

This new tri-axial unit offers great improvements with extended throw and power handling for the low-midrange and a new patent-pending diaphragm for the tweeter. Made from new high-tech material, this membrane provides an ultra linear response up to 25 kHz with no compromise in efficiency or dynamic range.

Free your listening room from large sonic wardrobes, experience and share your favourite music across a wide listening area. Baltic, is stereo and multi-channel without barriers.

Sold as a pair, and available in the following combination options: Satellite in pearl or black pearl & stands in wenge or wild cherry. 

Cabasse Baltic 4 On Stand - Three Way Satellite Loud Speaker - Specifications:

Finishes: Satellite - Pearl or Black Pearl / Stands - Wenge or Wild Cherry
Type: Floor-standing Loudspeaker
Ways: 3
Drivers: 1 x 21 cm (8″) tri-axial driver 28mm (1.1″) polyether tweeter 10 cm (4″) P2C annular midrange 21 cm (8″) Duocell® annular low-midrange
Efficiency: 90 dB
Filter: 800 – 3500 Hz
Frequency Response: 80 – 25 000 Hz
Nominal impedance: 8 Ω
Minimum impedance: 3,2 Ω
Power handling: 220 W
Peak power: 1540 W
Dimensions (h x l x d in cm): 132 x 32 x 42 cm
Weight: 19 kg

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