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Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3080 MusicCast 9.2-channel AV Receiver

AVENTAGE 9.2 Channel 4K/UHD MusicCast Network AV Receiver (with Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™) with DAB/DAB+ tuner.
The RX-A3080 is the culmination of the RX-A80 series.The RX-A3080 like all of the AVENTAGE AV Receivers, is a Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™ compliant AV receiver, with Yamaha MusicCast and a DAB / DAB+ tuner. Plus for those of you looking for integration, it also has been manufactured with one eye on control system integration as well. Like all the AVENTAGE series, the RX-A3080 features network control with Yamaha's YNC & YNCA command protocols, and extended control system support (such as Control4®).

The AVENTAGE series has been manufactured with sound quality in mind first and foremost - and with the new support for Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™, this AV Receiver will deliver that in abundance for any 'Object Based Audio' format. The combination of Dolby Atmos & DTS:X and Yamaha AV receivers will fill the room with multidimensional sound that makes your customers feel as if you are right in the middle of the story unfolding on the screen. The Yamaha AVENTAGE product line, expertly harmonise traditional and advanced technologies, and every factor that affects sound quality. From materials and parts to construction, layout, vibration damping (unique foot) and “fine-tuning” the sound, they ensure that any audio/visual reproduction is handled with no other thought than to achieve the best possible audio quality. As a result, every AVENTAGE model has the ability to reproduce the most subtle details of high-definition sound, so that listeners can enjoy a truly high-class sound studio experience at home.

Although the RX-A3080 is 'natively' a 9.2 channel AV Receiver, it can vitally with the addition of a power amplifier be expanded to an 11.2 channel AV Receiver* - which means that it can be used for the larger 'Object Based Audio' cinema systems (Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™). Generally this can be simply done by adding in a high quality power amplifier to drive the front left and right channels of a cinema system, thus leaving the remaining 9 channels onboard with the RX-A3080 to power the rest of your cinema system.

Now being a 9.2 (or 11.2) channel Dolby Atmos® & DTS:X™ compatible AV receiver means that the RX-A3080 can be beautifully partnered with a range of speaker and subwoofer options from Connected Distribution's portfolio, especially for a range of excellent 5.1.4 to 7.1.4 applications.

See more options for 5.1.4 & 7.1.4 speaker systems here: Home Cinema Systems

The RX-A3080 outside of the native expansion of amplified channels, also features Yamaha's new enhanced Surround:AI capability. The AI technology built into the RX-A3080's DSP analyses the scene of the entertainment content and then creates the optimal surround effect to reproduce it with the greatest effect. This AI instantaneously analyses scenes by focusing on distinct sound elements such as dialogue, background music, ambient sounds and sound effects, and automatically optimises the surround effect in real time, just as if a Yamaha sound engineer tunes the best sound specifically for you. This creates a compelling sense of realism with expressive power beyond conventional sound field effects, giving you the most profound entertainment experience possible.

This highly adept 140 watt per channel ( into an 8 ohm load) AV Receiver also features enhanced YPAO. The RX-A3080 features YPAO-R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control), which analyses the room acoustics with the included YPAO microphone to tune your system for the best sound in your unique room. It employs R.S.C. to correct early reflections for studio-quality surround sound. YPAO 3D provides automatic sound parameter optimisation that maximises the 3D sound field effectiveness of CINEMA DSP HD3 as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. 64-bit high precision EQ calculation achieves the most natural room acoustics possible. The Yamaha RX-A3080 is the culmination of Yamaha's deft execution, and this can be seen down to every detail, as this AV Receiver is designed with full emphasis on the highest possible sound quality.

The RX-A3080 as a stand-alone solution has premium sound quality and accurate reproduction at it's heart. The Yamaha RX-A3080 features fully discrete power amplifiers to minimise distortion and adopt independent pure power supplies for the analogue and digital circuitry. This flagship model also features ESS’s state of the art 32-bit SABRE PRO Premier DAC ES9026PRO. ESS’s patented 32-bit Hyper Stream, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) compensation function works to minimise noise levels. In combination with the Yamaha original D.O.P.G. (DAC On Pure Ground) concept, which eliminates the potential difference between audio circuit stages to reduce ground noise, it dramatically enhances silence and resolution over the entire audio range for rich and expressive reproduction of even the most delicate sounds.

For ease of integration the RX-A3080 also benefits from Yamaha's AV web set up configuration, meaning projects can be set up swiftly and easily by simply loading the IP address of the unit in your web-browser. This feature even enables help on remote access too if required (3rd party software required), and enables changes on the fly quickly without the use of the OSD or front panel options. For installers it also has network control for integration with most control systems, plus it has Yamaha's extremely useful web set up and back up utility, which enables you to save and load the system set up for customers on initial installation, or remotely also - making it a must for the best installations. With extensive control system support and 3rd party control options there for serial or network control it is a must for higher end installers wanting the best and most reliable AV integration within projects.

The RX-A3080 aside from the thrilling addition of object based audio processing is also a network receiver. Yamaha's adaptable MusicCast network 'ecosystem' is inbuilt in the RX-A3080 - this not only enables easy grouping and playback with any other Yamaha MusicCast product in the home, it also opens up the world of music streaming music services also (High Res included). Set up wirelessly or hard wired the RX-A3080 is the source for a host of high definition multi-media - musical or visual - it will fit beautifully into most applications. With MusicCast it enables users to use a smartphone or tablet together with the MusicCast CONTROLLER app to operate and change settings quickly and easily. The same Controller app functions as a remote control for all Yamaha MusicCast-compatible devices too. Alongside the excellent MusicCast platform, the new RX-A3080 also now features a DAB / DAB+ tuner for flexible and high quality radio playback.

This adaptive expandability allows you to integrate multi-room audio applications with your main home cinema. Simply add in any Yamaha MusicCast enabled device - such as the Yamaha WXA-50 for instance - and you have a modular and harmonised easy to use whole home audio system. As MusicCast offers Amazon Alexa voice control compatibility*, the RX-A3080 also now supports these features too - making your audio selection and enjoyment much simpler if so desired.

The RX-A3080 AV receiver completely supports with latest HDMI® standards. Thanks to transmission of 4K video at 60 frames per second pass-through, you can fully enjoy the high definition video quality of 4K without degradation. It also adheres to the HDCP2.2 copyright protection standard for 4K video transmission. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video including Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma which provides incredible contrast, smooth tone and rich, bright colours. Furthermore it supports the wider colour gamut of BT.2020 pass-through. This AV receiver is also compatible with 3D, Audio Return Channel and CEC for easy operation. Furnished with 7 dedicated HDMI® and 3 HDMI® outputs (2 x mirrored & 1 x assignable), alongside complimentary analogue and digital av connections - it can cater for most higher quality 9 to 11 channel* (5.2.4 to 7.2.4) applications that require a bit of extra performance, poise and added punch.

* Remember that to expand the unit to 11 channels - you will need minimum a 2.0 power amplifier (ideal options would be: Parasound 275 v.2, Parasound 2125 v.2 or Parasound 2250 v.2 - when bypassing the RX-A3080's front left/right amplified outputs).

Finished in black.

Yamaha RX-A3080 AVENTAGE 9.2 Channel Network AV Receiver Features & Benefits:

9-channel powerful surround sound
--- 150 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 2-ch driven)
--- 230 W per channel (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven)
--- 230 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven)
11-channel expandability (extra power amp required)
Surround: AI automatically optimises the surround effect in real time
Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ with CINEMA DSP HD3
YPAO™-R.S.C. (with 3D, multi-point measurement and 64-bit high precision EQ)
Ability to add wireless surround speaker/s* (*MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50)
Amazon Alexa voice control compatibility* (*Availability varies by region)
Highly rigid construction including Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge 
High quality parts for optimum performance
MusicCast multi-room technology
Music streaming services built-in
HDMI® (7 in / 3 out) with Dolby Vision™ and Hybrid Log-Gamma
Phono input for vinyl playback
XLR input terminal
DAB/DAB+ Tuner

Yamaha RX-A3080 AVENTAGE 9.2 Channel Network AV Receiver Specifications:

Amplifier Section:
  Channel: 9.2
  Rated Output Power (1kHz, 1ch driven): 230 W (4 ohms, 0.9% THD)
  Rated Output Power (20Hz-20kHz, 2ch driven): 150 W (8 ohms, 0.06% THD)
  Maximum Effective Output Power (1kHz, 1ch driven) (JEITA): 230 W (8 ohms, 10% THD)
  Dynamic Power per Channel (8/6/4/2 ohms): 175 / 220 / 295 / 410 W
Surround Sound Processing:
  Surround-AI: Yes
  DSP Programs: 24
  Dialog Level Adjustment: Yes
  Virtual Presence Speaker: Yes
  Virtual Surround Back Speaker: Yes
  Dialogue Lift: Yes (no presence speakers required)
  Dolby Atmos: Yes
  Dolby TrueHD: Yes
  Dolby Digital Plus: Yes
  Dolby Surround: Yes
  DTS:X: Yes
  DTS-HD Master Audio: Yes
Audio Features:
  File Format: MP3/WMA/MPEG-4 AAC: up to 48 kHz/16-bit, ALAC: up to 96 kHz/24-bit, FLAC: up to 384 kHz/24-bit, WAV/AIFF: up to 384 kHz/32-bit, DSD: up to 11.2 MHz
  Pure Direct: Yes (with video on mode)
  Compressed Music Enhancer: Yes
  High-resolution Music Enhancer: Yes
  YPAO multi-point measurement: Yes with R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) , 3D, 64-bit High Precision EQ Calculation and Angle Measurement
  YPAO Volume: Yes
  Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control): Yes
  Initial Volume & Maximum Volume Setting: Yes
  A.R.T. Wedge: Yes
  BTL connection: Yes
  Bi-amp capability: Yes
  Audio Delay: Yes (0-500 ms)
  DA Converter: ESS 384 kHz / 32-bit SABRE PRO Premier DAC™ ES9026PRO (for main 7 channels)
Video Features:
  4K Ultra HD Pass-through and upscaling Yes (4K / 60p, 4:4:4)
  HDMI 3D passthrough: Yes
  HDMI eARC: Yes (via future firmware update)
  HDMI Audio Return Channel: Yes
  HDMI upscaling: Yes (Analogue to HDMI® / HDMI to HDMI)
  Video adjustment: Yes
  Deep Color/x.v.Color/24Hz Refresh Rate /Auto Lip-Sync: Yes
  MusicCast Surround: Yes
  HDMI Input/Output: 7 / 3 (HDCP2.2, HDR10 / Dolby Vision / HLG and BT.2020 compatible)
  HDMI CEC: Yes (SCENE, Device Control)
  USB Input: USB Memory, Portable Audio Player
  Network Port: Yes
  Wi-Fi: Yes (2.4 / 5 GHz)
  AirPlay: Yes
  Bluetooth: Yes (SBC / AAC)
  Front AV Input: USB / Analogue Audio
  Digital Audio Input/Output: Optical: 3 / 0
  Digital Audio Input/Output: Coaxial: 3 / 0
  Analog Audio Input/Output: 10 (front 1) / 0
  Phono Input: Yes
  XLR Terminal: Yes
  Component Video Input/Output: 2 / 0
  Composite Video Input/Output: 4 / 0
  Preout: 11.2-ch
  Headphone Output: 1
Tuner Section:
  FM/AM Tuner: Yes (FM only)
  DAB Tuner: Yes (Availability varies by region.)
User Interface:
  On-screen display: Graphical User Interface
  SCENE: SCENE PLUS (8 sets)
  App Control: Yes (iPhone / iPad / Android phone / tablet)
  Web Browser Control: Yes
  Remote Control Unit: Yes (Preset)
  Zone Control: Zone 2 Audio Output / Preout / HDMI
  Zone 3 Audio Output: Preout
  Zone 4 Audio Output: HDMI
  Powered Zone: Zone 2 / 3
  Zone Video Output: HDMI / Component / Composite
  Zone HDMI: Yes (Advanced HDMI Zone Switching)
  Zone B Output: HDMI
  Zone GUI: Yes
  RS-232C Interface: Yes
  +12V Trigger Output: 2
  Remote (IR) Input/Output: 1 / 1
  Party Mode: Yes
  Standby Power Consumption (IR only) ≤0.1W
  Auto Power Standby: Yes
  ECO mode: Yes
  Dimensions (W x H x D) 435 x 192 x 474 mm (with antenna up: 435 x 269 x 474 mm)
  Weight: 19.6 kg

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