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Earthquake Sound 5.1.2 System F8-65

Complete 5.1.2 Earthquake Sound Home Cinema System: 2 x EWS-600, 1 x EWS-530C, 2 x ECS-6D & 1 MM-FF8-V2

At Connected Distribution we know that trade customers want simple solutions to specify into projects, and home cinema systems seem to be a repeatable exercise. As such we have packaged together a range of home cinema systems that can cater for different sized applications, and performance price points. The NEW Earthquake Sound 5.1.2 System F8-65 is the second option to consider, for a host of high quality - but cost effective custom installation home cinema projects.

The Earthquake Sound 5.1.2 System F8-65, is based around the new requirement to encompass the 'Object Based Audio' formats - such as Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D® and DTS:X® surround systems. For the in-wall elements, the Earthquake Sound 5.1.2 System F8-65 is based around Earthquake Sound's powerful and high fidelity EWS-600 in-wall speakers (front left and right - plus the surround left and right), and the Earthquake Sound EWS-530C (designated centre channel). The EWS-600's and the EWS-530C's are benefit from Earthquake's 'know-how', with low mass stiff kevlar cone bodies for a very smooth, accurate and detailed sound reproduction. the higher end frequencies are dealt with subtly with silk dome NEO swiveling tweeters. Power handling is easily dealt with as the in-walls all have handling abilities of 300 watts for the 600's and 350 watts for the 530C's - meaning they can be paired with higher powered AVR's easily.

The 'elevation aspect' of the cinema platform is garnered around the highly flexible Earthquake Sound ECS-6D's, which are high quality in-ceiling speakers with the capability of producing a very 'diffuse' sound-field. Perfectly matched in timbre, voicing and reproduction with the in-walls as they also benefit from Kevlar cone bodies and dual silk dome tweeters. Again, power handling is more than adequate with the ECS-6D's being able to handle again up to 300 watts.

All the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers featured here are also from Earthquake Sound's EDGELESS series of In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers - and are one of Earthquake Sound's most valued speaker lines.

To complete the system this System F8-65 is paired with the diminutive, but extremely powerful MiniMe FF8-V2 sub-woofer. With the introduction of MiniMe-FF8-V2 (Front Firing) there is now a high performance subwoofer that can be placed without concern for  bass port or passive device. FF8-V2 is built in a pressure chamber housing and can be placed in a corner or place within a media cabinet without issues. The FF8-V2 is equipped with an over sized Earthquake High EMF XLT (xtra long throw) woofer to ensure powerful and pulsed output. The cabinet is solidly constructed of solid 22mm MDF, this powerful design guarantees high sound quality and long life even with hard use.

The oversized 320 watt Evolved class D amplifier has an efficiency of 90% which means that the amplifier does not get warm even in harsh and continuous operation. Earthquakes unique Class D design is distinguished by high performance and superb bass control. Even the most complex source material being reproduced accurately and articulated.

This small but punchy sub is covered in deep luxurious black piano lacquer, and being small means it can also give you the best possible chance of 'removing the elephant from the room'. In other words the potentially difficult issue of a huge invasive box in the room is somewhat more easily dealt with! Without compromising lower end performance.

So if you are after a high quality but cost effective system that you can specify time and time again, then look no further than the System F8-65.

Suggested AVR combinations can be: The Yamaha RX-V583, RX-V683, RX-A670 & RX-A870.

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