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DemoPad was established in 1999, and they have been offering bespoke software solutions & hardware integration services since that time. One of their early solutions allowed users to demonstrate their products on their electronic 'pads', hence the name DemoPad.

DemoPad is now recognised throughout the world as one of the most highly qualified home automation control companies. Backed by their experience in system integration and their technical expertise as Microsoft Certified Solution Developers, certified installers using DemoPad can provide the very best services & solutions.

Many aspects of 'home automation' can be integrated with DemoPad. DemoPad control systems can be orientated by simple infra red control, serial control and also IP control with a host of devices.Projects can utilise existing drivers developed by them, or they can be completely custom built.


Although the CentroControl App can be used a stand alone App with 3rd party IP devices, DemoPad have a range of custom control hardware and integration devices that work to form a DemoPad control ecosystem. Their product line is designed entirely to enable flexible and reliable control for any 'smart home' project.

The DemoPad solution communicates via wifi from your iPad / iPhone to anything with an IP address, to send commands, request feedback status etc. Anything can be controlled via Infra-Red / RS232 / Contact Closure (using an IP gateway)

You can also control anything which can be sent commands directly through your local area network, such as XBMC, Insteon, Z-Wave, KNX etc. DemoPad installers around the world have interfaced with almost any manufacturer's equipment, including Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Epson, Onkyo, Yamaha, etc.

With DemoPad, your user experience can be completely customised to look and operate exactly as you want it to. You can use any graphics you wish, including those available from DemoPad, 3rd party graphics companies, or any standard graphic file you wish. The only limitation is your imagination when it comes to designing your control system screens.

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